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Recent (and not so recent) Yakfishin Trips

Here are some of our yakfishin trips, but certainly not all. Due to my personal time there are still more that I'll post sooner or later, like Coot Bay, Dania Deep Water (for kings), etc. Thank you for your patience...

Chief Yakker 'Jimbo' with 'Compensation'

Key Largo Trip, 2/8/03
Key Biscayne Trip, 2/14/03
Flamingo Trip, 2/19/03
Catchup Report, 3/27/03
Deering Estate, 5/26/03
Rattlesnake Key (Largo), 6/1/03
Rattlesnake Key Redux, 6/10/03
Rattlesnake Trifecta & Matheson Hammock, 6/14 & 6/16/03
First Annual Yak-In, 8/16-a mercifully brief report by Capn Jimbo!
First Annual Yak-In, 8/16/03- A HUGE but fascinating report by Scupper Frank, our resident stogie smokin, line tanglin Yakman!
Dumbfoundling Bay, 9/8/03 (a fishin dream!)
Ft. Lauderdale Xmas Boat Parade, 2003
Rookery Bay, 1/11/04
Shell Key, 1/25/04
2nd Annual Yak-In, 5/23/04
John Lloyd State Park, 1/8/05
3rd Annual Yak-In, 7/16/05

Hope ya enjoyed this page! For more incredibly satisfying info...

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