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Ultimate Superyak #5: Kaskazi Dorado

And now for a late entry, the Dorado by Kazkazi. The Dorado is a beefed up Pelican that is about 3/4 in wider, 2 in. longer and about 9 lb. heaver. Specs: 15' 8" x 25 in x 60 lb. Let's take a look.

Same basic design as the Pelican: symmetrical, seaworthy shallow vee hull with soft chines, safe bulkheads, fine entry, full ends. Same deep cockpit, slightly vee'd deck (for water runoff), hatch drains and indentation for outrigger or paddle float. Same footwells and responsive rudder system with toe steering.

Now let's consider the differences. According to the builder:

"The Dorado is the Pelican after a total EXTREME makeover. The Dorado is 2cm wider, 5cm longer and 4kg heavier. The Dorado is incredibly stable, yet still body steers. The biggest differences are the dedicated fish hatch up front (it is big), and the plastic crate on the back deck, rod holders and the anchor lines, etc."

"What do you fish for? IF you regularly catch fish that want to play with you, then the Dorado is the better option. If you also want to tour, then the Pelican is the better option." I agree.

Here's what I see. First (above pic) note the rounded off deck, designed to add volume and storage. And just what is that storage used for?

A built-in, smooth bottomed fishbox accessible through a hinged center console - or - via the round front hatch. Behind the cockpit please note the shallow depression (designed for a custom plastic crate), twin rear hatches and rodholders.

And the console is a perfect location for, what else, a fishfinder. Not quite as cool as the MacSki's clear plexi cover, but still very nice. Here's a stern shot:

Still can't figure out what the depression dividing the front and rear decks is for, but I'm sure there's a reason. And do note the hatch drainage slots.

Well that's it. Another example of S. African design. Our American marketing-focused kayak "systems" pale in comparison. But that's the way it is. I do hope you've enjoyed this series, and expect more additions as I find them (and I can assure you more are on the way)!

Capn Jimbo

Availability: ask and I can set you up with the importer through the club for the best price.

More on the Dorado: great pics of the first one to hit our shores, and latest impressions: Link to Updated Dorado


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