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Ultimate Superyak #3: The Kaskazi Pelican

You are looking at the Kaskazi Pelican: for our S. Florida waters perhaps the best yakfishin machine ever. No question this is a very special kayak. Specs: 15-1/2 feet x 24-1/3 in. x 52 lb. About $1500. Purpose built for yakfishin in any conditions.

Like the Skua, Kaskazi's design criterion were for yakfishing and safety under extreme conditions. The Pelican succeeds brilliantly. As Kaskazi put it -

"With a width of only 0.62 m, a comfortable deep seat, with back support, and a hull designed with stability in mind, the kayak is ideally placed between the traditionally wider recreational market and the longer and sleeker sea kayak market. This kayak is capable of handling extreme conditions with ease."

The Pelican is symmetrical, with a shallow vee hull, high prismatic coefficient (full ends) for both stability and speed. Has a reasonably fine entry, no hull slap to speak of. It is designed to handle rough water, is surprisingly fast for its length and is dry. It has soft chines to handle side seas safely.

The entry is reasonably fine but with full ends that facilitate surfing (resist perling). Following, please note the hatch drains and the indentation for an outrigger or paddlefloat. The deck is slightly vee'd for water runoff.

The cockpit is a jewel. Like the Skua and Revenge, deep - deep -deep for increased stability. Cupholder and center console to mount whatever you'd like (the South African yaks are spartan - you are free to modify as you see fit). Note the strong, large footpedals with stainless hinges. Like the Skua the pedals are easily adjusted on the fly, and provide a rigid support for your feet, with "toe steering".

Please note how you "sit in" this SOT. Looks confining but it really is not. And it is much, much safer. Kaskazi: "We believe kayaks should sit snug around you, that you should be part of the kayak, that you must be able to secure yourself inside the kayak to brace, to enjoy the secondary stability of the kayak without falling out unintentionally."

The rudder up/downhauls run through a bungied pulley for smoothness. The Pelican has twin flexible glass bulkheads, again for safety.

A word about bulkheads: most people get a false sense of security with an SOT. Fact is if you spring a leak, suffer a collision or open a hatch - you will sink. Bulkheads provide a safety margin, will keep you afloat and buy you time to assess, repair or limp back to shore.

The Pelican uses the Skua 3-part rudder mounted on a molded in stainless bolt. The aluminum rudder is designed to break or bend before your yak does. Control lines are soft but incredibly strong braided kevlar (instead of cable).

Same dedication to top quality construction (hand layup, vacumn bagged), smooth interior and fine finish as the Skua.

Same dedication to top quality construction (hand layup, vacumn bagged), smooth interior and fine finish as the Skua. The Kaskazi design objectives include low drag, good performance in following seas and varying wind directions, great rough water performance, deep seating and knee tunnels, surf capable and so on.

Kaskazi: "Expedition proven sit-on-top tourer. A very distinctive mid to high volume fibreglass single sea tourer - designed as a very stable sit-on-top platform for fishing, flyfishing, snorkelling, diving, etc. while still maintaining the dimensions and performance required for an expedition sea kayak."

The Pelican exhibits all of these. I've had the pleasure of paddling this kayak: it is fast, lively, turns on a dime and is everything an all-around kayak for S. Florida requires. Consider it a Scupper Pro on steroids.

My thoughts: The Kaskazi Pelican gets my vote as the Ultimate All-Around Yakfishing Superyak.

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Availability: ask and I can set you up with the importer through the club for the best price.

Late Update: Dorado by Kaskazi
Check this out. It's a beefed up Pelican with a unique fishwell and more!


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