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Ultimate Superyak #2: The Kaskazi Skua

Kaskazi Skua

Now we're talkin! You are looking at what I believe is the hottest offshore SOT in the market. Designed and built by guys who routinely face some of the toughest waters in the world - in South Africa (their "normal" day is something like 6 to 8 footers). This is a no-nonsense, spartan machine.

It's actually a bit of hybrid between a high performance Superyak and/or a low performance Surf Ski and it shows. As Kaskazi put it "This is an ideal expedition kayak, yet performs like a racing kayak, and is the ideal touring alternative to a surfski". Look at the surfski-like shape:

Super fine entry quickly widening to cockpit width. It's fishform (cockpit bit forward of center). Then a long, long taper to a super fine exit. This yak screams FAST! And it is. You can do mile after mile at 5 plus knots with relative ease. Notice also it's low, windcheating profile and standard rudder.

Sorry I don't have a head on shot, the bow is like a knife. But do notice the super flare and rise which are made for rough seas and no-perl surfing. The hull is a shallow vee hull with very modest rocker and can be nicely lean turned without the rudder.

The cockpit is deep, deep, deep. You are actually below the waterline for maximum stability and seaworthiness. No leg abrading cables. The Skua uses nylon straps and special braided kevlar soft cables! The rudder pedals are wide, use stainless hinges and are mounted on a rigid sliding bar which is easily adjusted fore and aft. You can push hard against the bar without affecting the rudder! The pedals are actually "toe controls".

Can't see 'em but there are two cockpit drains leading to a aerodynamic venturi exit. The rudder lift is mounted on a bungied pulley for extra smooth operation.

And before you continue look closely and you'll see a raised ridge and some indentations surrounding the cockpit. These are for a spraydeck "cover" for use in especially rough and stormy seas, making this a sort of SIK/SOT hybrid.

The rudder is made by Kaskazi. Strong and simple 3-piece, attached to a 8 mm stainless bolt which is bonded to the hull. The aluminum blade is designed to bend or break before the mechanism, preventing a disaster at sea.

A few notes on construction and quality which are superb. Unlike most yaks the interior finish is smooth. The Skua has twin glass bulkheads and is a hand layup using vacumn bagging. The gelcoat finish is gorgeous. Both hatches have both a good rubber seal and stretch nylon cover, glass outer cover and twin nylon clips/straps. All accessories are bonded so as break loose from the hull. Bulkheads are flexible to prevent stress points.

Kaskazi's design criterion are high performance and safety under extreme conditions. It succeeds.

Now please know that I own a Skua and could not be more pleased. It's performance has exceeded my fondest hopes. It is striking, spartan and looks like the thorougbred it is. Stats: 17' 3" x 22.5" x about 55 lb. complete with rudder. Current cost: $1700 (but going up due to Bush's dollar).

Availability: ask and I can set you up with the importer through the club for the best price.

Why did I buy the Skua?. Simply, I wanted the the hottest performing, best designed, best built offshore fishin and touring machine I could find. One that could handle extreme conditions and would be my ticket to trolling offshore for big game.

My thoughts: For ultra high performance offshore fishin and long distance touring this IS the machine. Thank you Kaskazi for making my dreams come true.

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