Fort Lauderdale Yakfishing Club

Second Annual Yak-In
Sunday, May 23rd
Schedule for the Day

Hi all... here's the schedule:

Quick Aside: The "Yellow" Bait and Tackle store (yes, it's painted bright yellow) is a couple more miles south on the oceanside (left or east) has a great selection of bonefish jigs, topwaters and bait - just say you're with Capn Jimbo and the Ft. Lauderdale Yakfishin Club (and they will throw you out forthwith)!

Start: Most of us plan to be there at 8 am for the park opening. We'll go to our "Snook" picnic shelter, mark it with pink balloons, make sure the motorboaters don't park in our area. There is parking right by the shelter.

Hit the Water: 8:45 to 9:00 am. Give or take. If we have any chance at bones, it will be mid-morning while the water is cool and the incoming tide will be at max flow when we get there. There are two options:

Option #1

For those who are interested, we plan a remote launch at Garden Cove to fish Rattlesnake Key, ending by taking the channel south to Largo Sound. This is about 5 to 6 miles (not counting fishing). We'll organize this on-the-spot and yak up as needed to get everybody over there (pick up the cars later). Goal will be to get to the northern end of Largo Sound by say 12:30 to 1 pm, hook up with the rest of the members.

Option #2

For those who prefer a shorter paddle - you can launch right by our picnic site, but will have to carry your yaks a very short distance to the water. You can also launch at the boat ramps if you prefer. Then head toward the kayak rentals, through a narrow channel, under the short bridge, then out into the sound.

Once in the Sound, bear right and head east as indicated to the spot marked "Fish In". You'll be in a nice flats area, with a couple mini-keys nearby. Very productive. This is a good place to start.

From this point, we will migrate north to cover the flats and to meet up with the Rattlesnake group at the northern end between 12:30 - 1:00 pm.

Afternoon: The reunited group will work our way back south ending in the shallow bays to the south, and some of the many mangrove channels in that area. This area becomes productive later in the day.

End of Fishin: Arrive back at the Picnic Shelter by 4 pm . Don will fillet our catch, and Chef Mike and I will be grillin, while all help set up the tables and watch Mike sweat over his hot grills.

Eat!!! 5 pm to 6 pm or so: Eat...burgers, franks and potluck selections of salads, fruit, Key Lime pie, veggies, etc. Drink discreetly but well.

Last Shot: We all will have a last shot at fishin prior to sunset. The shallow bays are close and I can tell you the action there was great at this time.

End of Day: The Park is very strict about being out by sundown. So best to yak-up by 7:45 to 8:00 pm. Some people are staying at the campground, and at least one is taking a room. But for sure there are some decent bars for us to invade for those who so choose and have any energy left...

Final Suggestions: Fishing: Bring two rods, and be sure to have a few topwaters, especially red-and-white and a mullet pattern (black back/silver sides). Top dogs and Skitter Walks are good. You will get many exciting strikes. Two ways to work em (a) cast, let sit, work very slowly, tease, small jerks, and (b) a series of surface disturbing jerks. Another great lure is a 3/8 oz. slider head white nylon or bucktail jig (buy several, you'll be cut off)- look for and cast near the potholes and reel as fast as you can with lots of jigging.

Be sure to have some bonefish (flats) jigs (avail. at Yellow store), best colors are brown, white and pink, 1/4 oz if you can cast that, 3/8 if you can't. You may want to bring some shrimp for bones (buy a pink Hank Brown Hook Up jig head, also good for snapper, snook, etc. If you can carry a cooler on your yak with a little ice do so, but not to worry, as Don and I intend to set up some iced storage in our yaks for keepin our catch fresh. Be SURE to carry liquids and sunscreen.

Barby: Of course you will have a cooler in your car for special beverages, etc. There will be a couple grills so if you have anything you'd like to grill, bring it, and Chef Mike will do the honors.

Last: Bless you all. I am both moved and surprised by the response of both those who are attending, and those who sent regrets. Thank you. I'm very excited that we can all finally meet one another. It's a wonderful thing...thank you all!

Please also know that this event, once again, is dedicated to my beloved daughter Phoebe who died about 3 years ago. John Pennekamp was one of our great experiences together, snorkeling by the Christ-of-the-Deep. God bless you my love!

Takin a rest between cudas...

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