Fort Lauderdale Yakfishing Club

Second Annual Yak-In
Sunday, May 23rd
Maps 'n Comments

Hi all... and the time is close. Here are some maps and overviews.

Getting there is very easy. If you've never been to the Keys, you can come down I-95 or the Turnpike. Personally I take I-595 West (from Sunrise) to I-75 South, catch 826 South, then catch the Turnpike to avoid S. Miami and US1 through Homestead.

There is really only one highway down the Keys, US-1 and you find everything by noting the mile markers (MM). Key Largo is about 20 miles down, you'll cross the bridge to Jewfish Creek, pass Lake Surprise. You'll know when you've hit Largo, look for Pennekamp on the left (oceanside) at MM 102.5.

Quick Aside: The "Yellow" Bait and Tackle store (yes, it's painted bright yellow) is a couple more miles south on the oceanside (left or east), has a nice selection of bonefish and cuda jigs, bait, etc. - just say you're with Capn Jimbo and the Ft. Lauderdale Yakfishin Club (and they will throw you out forthwith)!

Entrance fee is $2/head I believe, park opens at 8am through Sunset. Campsites are $24 plus a buck for electric, but they may be gone already. Call the park at 305-451-1202. If you need directions ask for the "Snook" picnic shelter by the outdoor amphitheatre.

Easy to find our reserved Picnic Shelter. We'll tie some pink balloons to it (in memory of my daughter Phoebe). After you pay, you'll pass through a beautiful tree-covered road, when you get to the park area, go to the right, pass the docks and boat ramps to the end. There is a circle at the end, go around it and take the dirt road to the east or left (toward the water).

If you accidentally go right at the circle you're in the campgrounds.

Our shelter is the last one, near the "screen" of the mini-amphitheatre. Should be plenty of parking and we have a launch area 20 feet from the shelter.

To get to the sound, just paddle north past the docks; you'll find a little channel and small bridge just past the kayak rental area (no worries, it's really obvious). Go under the bridge and you'll emerge by a beach and you are at the southeast corner of Largo Sound. From here head approximately east past the channel markers until you hit the eastern shore of the Sound. The entire eastern shore is a maze of mangrove humps and keys, and great bone and cuda flats. Sue Sea has seen many snapper and schools of reds as well, so live bait should be in your thinking.

There are some beautiful shallow bays at the southern end (great for south winds), have done well there, not to mention some VERY fishy no motor mangrove channels.

We plan a remote launch from Garden Cove (Rattlesnake Key), with a return to Largo Sound. Don't worry how to get there as we're all meeting at the Snook Picnic Shelter and will go from there.

Rattlesnake has some known bonefish flats where both Chef Mike, Don and I have cast to tailing bones and caught some VERY large cuda. There's also a sunken wreck harboring snapper.

I'll be posting more specifics re: fishing spots and a schedule of events quite soon, thanks to all for your advice and the many offers of help!

Please take a moment right now and email if you have any intention of coming, or send your regrets so that I can keep track...

Takin a rest between cudas...


Hope ya enjoyed this page! For more incredibly satisfying info...

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