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Chief Yakker Jim w/'Compensation'
Chief Yakker Jim
Ft. Lauderdale
Yum, yum Yellow OK Scupper Pro TW. "Customized" cooler with rocket launchers. Soon to sport anchor trolley, mount for finder/gps/VHF, static lines, front launcher. Researched everything I could, Pro was on my short list. As long as is handleable in the ocean. Stable, fast, visible, solid, 55 lb. Have fabricated PVC cart, Sabiki tube, cheep 'n redundant tie-down system.

Doesn't drift neutral (like the Drifter), needs "paddle-at-the-ready" intervention.

Interested in all kinds of S. Florida fishing, but current goal/dream is either a 30lb+ king off the 3rd reef, similar Tarpon anywhere, decent bone (want to hear that reel sing), 10lb+ red.

Ray on the windward side of Birdshit Key
Bleedin-Red-I-say-Red OK Drifter. With a new modified cooler with two rocket launchers and a front cleat. Likes his Drifter, good tracking. Plans for a finder and possible front launcher. Ray paddles like a champ ("from my canoeing in a past life"); I ended up with a strained groin and back after Key Largo. Like medium/light spinning gear esp. with those fun jacks.

Plans to go Gar fishing soon, but interested in most any venue.

Susan in all her magnificent glory...
Hard-to-find-Orange OK Scrambler. How are an orange and an apple the same? They're both red - except for the orange. Susan doesn't fish, but she loves to watch. A kind of yakfishing voyeur. Her real interest is shelling by land or by sea. And she loves nature, esp. the Keys.

Susan loves her yak and says it surfs really well. Except when she rolled it and broke her foot. No special equipment except some static lines, mask and snorkel, anchor and take-withs.

Joe, please leave me this in your will..
Margarita Lime Green OK Drifter. Has anyone noticed a certain dominant manufacturer here? Joe's Drifter is one laid out yak. Has a RAM mount with finder and camera holder. Front Scotty, trolley, flats spike (the sharpened PVC), and a Surf-to-Summit rodholder seatback. Uses a PVC pipe w/foam to wedge in his transducer, which runs fine with a couple cups of coffee in the hold (take note epoxyheads).

Joe fishes Biscayne Bay, glades, Flamingo and upper keys. And had his first fun in the surf with me. When instructing Joe on the best way to launch in the surf, using my fail-safe secret method... I dumped! Hey, this never happened before... honest! Joe wants to set up a Flamingo trip...

Frank with a rare Titlefish, clubbed into submission...
Scupper Frank
Coconuts Grover,
Home of the
King Mango Strut
Kind-of-a-Lime Green Scupper Pro TW. When Frank isn't racing, cruising, touring or snorkeling - he's frolicing, er, fishing. Frank's Frolic sports a flush mount rod holder, and an anchor trolley, but has some issue with the mount(?). Frank recently sent a detailed pic of his well laid out Pro: Click here!

Frank (and his wife Sally) are true yakkers, check all his kewl trips at Frank's Webshots Here you'll find some great shots plus maps, aerials, yak routes, etc. Nicely done, Frank!

Save the Oceans!
Puke green Tarpon 160 with rudder. Two flush mounts behind the seat, two stake out poles, anchor line system, and enough gear for anything with fins.

Chris is the infamous "Mud" from some of the yakfishing sites you may have visited. He's available most Sundays and Mondays, and will travel. He has intimate knowledge of Mosquito Lagoon, the No Motor Zone and the Indian River.

Fly this!
Lighthouse Pt.
OK Drifter, Perception Swing. Ken says his yak (which one, the Swing?) is very stable but it's wet and slower, and that he needs to work on his tracking.

Ken is into mainly fly fishing (recently 9wt, 7wt & 6wt). This means his gear is worth more than all our yaks together, and that Bass Pro provides him free limo service. Fortunately he also has some spinning tackle.

Ken's open for most types of fishing, and has some questions bout puttin in an anchor trolley.

Save the Oceans!
Big Pine Key
Drifter, Caper and ???. All I know bout Tony is that he's into the Keys, esp. the lower ones. No doubt he celebrates his catch at Sloppy Joe's. Update: Tony drives both a Drifter and Caper, but is looking for a third, can't decide amoung the Prowler, 160 and 140. The envelope please...

He's interested in fishin the upper Keys and Biscayne Bay. That's great, cause I bet all of us are interested in the Lower Keys. I promised Tony that I'd show him Dania Beach surf fishin in return, as well as my secret Snook lure, and I will...

Brandon's new yak is stunning,

even if it isn't a Pro...
Big Pine Key
A nifty teal Cobra Tourer. Brandon finally put his OK Cabo limo out to pasture and got this tricked out Tourer. Only problem: deck edge is very narrow, so the flush mounts hadda go way back and even trim em. Wet all the time and too short, so now he's got a couple RAMS, Smartcast FF, clips, cooler and rudder.

Bet you'll end up with converted cooler Brandon yet. Brandon fishes in the mangroves and the back waters of the lower keys, and says he's gettin savvy to the coral head spots (which he plans to GPS). He's also looking for a good salt water rod/reel cause "my bass gear isn't cuttin it".

Tarpon of indeterminate color. Finds it real comfy for long periods with the built-in backrest, says it's "easy to turn and tracks well". Has two leaky flush mount rodholders that take in "a lot of water". Fishes mostly saltwater (trolling), but also catches bass in the Plantation lakes. Plugs and lures but will do a bit of live bait.

Larry observes his yak has "too many attachments" and that "fishing gets too complicated with all the things we feel we need to take out each time".

Amen. Back to Cuban yoyos and cast nets...

Surferman Todd!
Delray Beach
Eye-poppin yellow OK Scrambler. Todd's just getting started in yakfishin, but has done some free diving (great yak for that). His schedule is very flexible (lucky guy), so get in touch.

Says he's not quite ready to drill holes in his yak, but his Black and Decker is plugged in. Now anyone who's got a yeller yak is OK in my book... drill away!

Art sells boats too!
"Orange-as-only-WS-makes-it" Tarpon 160. Art has a brand spankin new SOT and has just installed a rudder and flush mount rodholder. Altho he also owns "Loon 111" (sit-inside) he much prefers the Tarpon for fishing. Who could blame him? His only issue is "'s heavy".

To date Art has fished only West Lake in Hollywood, and has done pretty well with jacks and snook in this brackish area. Free launch area, and a great place to go during bad ocean surf. He'd like to hit some tarpon, snook and redfish (sounds like a candidate for Flamingo).

The fish that ate Miami!
A Competition Tandem 2 (SOT). I'm intrigued... Rog, can you send us a pic? We're all dying to see your wheels. Says he likes lots of hatches and rodholders. Oh, and please be sure to click left to see Roger's amazing catch... the fish that ate Miami!

Roger almost apologizes that he's into "...light spinning rods... and going for snapper and such". Hey Rog, a lot of us love light gear. And it's perfect for yakfishin - you might be amazed what you can land with 10 lb (or less) gear!

Save the Oceans!
West Palm Bch
Perception Swing. Altho yakfishin is dominated by OK, with the Tarpons up and coming, Harry's Perception Swing is known for being a solid, very stable yak for new yakfishers. Tracks almost too well, hard to turn. What's your experience Harry?

Harry is new to yakfishing, has gone to deep water a couple times but no luck. The Palm Beach inlet is known for its quick access to the Gulf Stream, so sails and kings are quite close to shore. Maybe we ought join Harry out there...

Save the Oceans!
A Tarpon 16 (fishin) and a "Bell Northwind" (family). Coach is loaded for bear. Bungied hatches, anchor system, dual wading lines, Scotty up front custom crate in back, drift anchor, compass and multiple lash downs for extended trips. Is that all Coach?

Says "the weight of my Tarpon is its only drawback but what makes it a pig out of water makes it a cheetah in the water". He too is looking forward to the rumoured T-14.

Coach mostly does Tampa bay for the usual snook, reds and trout, has travelled to the Glades, Palm Beach, Boca Raton and the Middle Keys. The Bell Northwind is for family stuff.

At least it's yellow...
A Yum, Yum Yellow Cobra Explorer!. Randy loves his Explorer, finds it easy to handle both in and out of the water, but thinks a larger Tourer might be nice for extra speed and a rudder. Says "it's all tricked out" including a Piranha 4.

Altho most of Randy's fishin is in local GA lakes for bass and crappie, he plans to do some inshore trips for reds and flounder. Some of em are as big as his yak! He's lookin for a 2nd yak so he can take a anybody travelin thru Georgia?

Save the Oceans!
Malibu Pro Explorer. Luis is a travelin yakker from sunny Miami. Altho I've never seen a Malibu, he's equipped with bait bucket, rod holders and tackle box (in a tank well?), plans to add another rod holder. More and more this seems like a good idea for a rod at the ready for the quickie opportunities that flash by.

Luis does Miami and the Keys for tarpon, snook and bonefish (my kinda guy!) and the west coast (Charlotte Harbor) for reds, trout, snook and tarpon. Hey Luis, send us a pic por favor?

Save the Oceans!
Ft. Lauderdale
A "3f, used and cheap" Huh?. Rob currently is into spearfishin off Lauderdale Beach, a popular pasttime hereabouts. As he says "I don't know the possibilities", but it's obvious he's interested. You're welcome to join me or any other yakker here!
Roll, roll, roll your boat...
Impex Serenity Sport, Perception Sanibel, Old Town Osprey 155 canoe. Don is one of the few SIKKIE's in our midst. Both of his machines are sit-insides and probably cost more than my car. Not to mention a 4hp Johnson (the motor, the motor). The Impex is insulated with foam to make a cooler and fishbox (we're all jealous). The webbing is re-rigged heavier and loops added for clipping on equipment and keepin it in place.

Don has done the 10,000 islands, Chokoloskee to New Turkey Key, finds the Impex fast and stable but wants a SOT for fishin with the common folk (that's us). Welcome aboard!

Dang but that's orange!
Ft. Lauderdale
"Orange-as-only-WS-makes-it" Tarpon 160. Mike's new Tarpon is equipped with a milk crate rod holder, a flush mount and a Scotty flyrod holder, Richie compass, plus a new STS seat. Like a lot of T-16 owners he doesn't like the weight, lack of tankwell and the factory seat. Says "it tracks well but could lose 35 lbs." Doncha know...

Mike's interested in West Lake (hear that Art?), Flamingo, the Keys and the Intracoastal, and is really into bones, snook, tarpon, jacks and reds. What, no lookdowns?

Save the Oceans!
In the market for a Scupper Pro. Bill is currently usin a canoe (hear that Don?) but is also lookin for a good SOT. Great choice, Bill, if I hafta say so myself.

Bill has some great interests...tarpon and snook after dark in the Lauderdale canals (ala Bouncer Smith), close in Atlantic and Govt Cut. Want to learn fly fishin. You came to the right place Bill...

Nice 'n wet, er, wet 'n nice...
OK Drifter. Jerry loves his Drifter despite the fact that his choice is (a) to be wet or (b) plug the Scuppers and (surprise) sit in water. Hmmm...

Jerry says he's "98% fly fishin", loves the backwater (got plenty of SkinSoSoft ?), but gets down to Jensen Beach and Ft. Pierce. Some reel nice fly water down/up there, Jerry. But most of his flyfishin is on Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River (hear that Mudd?).

Save the Oceans!
Cooper City
Yes! An OK Scrambler XT. George's first yak was a Drifter, but he likes his XT for yakfishin. Has two flush mounts behind the seat, thinkin of addin a center hatch for gear, and mebber a fishfinder. The only thing George can't get straight is his holders, angled em out on the Drifter, in on the XT, but thinkin bout goin out again...

In/out, in/out... proof that yakfishin is better than sex! George started out for bass in the Glades and local canals and lakes, later the beach, John Lloyd State Park and West Lake. He's open to skinny water hookups.

It's bootyfull!
Blue Cobra Navigator. Ernie's yacht is nicely equipped with two Scotty rodholders, Surf-2-Summit highback, 2 hatches. Sorry he traded in his Scrambler XT, as the Nav is "tight in the booty", has more windage, gets pushed around. He also liked the wide open deck space on the XT.

Maybe that's why the Scrambler XT is the 2nd most used yakfishin machine around.

Ernie's mostly into fly, but is interested in doing some offshore reef light spinnin. My kinda guy!

Save the Oceans!
Red Tarpon 120. At last a T-120, nice design. Dan seems to like his 120, but feels there are wasted storage areas. Don hails from the north so his experience is with salmon, walleye and pike (ever get to the Lake Erie Islands for the big walleye tournament?)

Dan's near the 10,000 islands and means to visit every one for reds, snook, trout and tarpon, or as he puts it "...anything that pulls the line out".

Gorgeous yak and setting!
Palm City
"Greyish" Scupper Pro. Jim (at last another Jim, and dang if he doesn't pick the Yak of Choice!) with single rod holder, Igloo marine 25 quart cooler and a home made bungie cord paddle holder. He loves the way it paddles, good storage, but wishes "it would cooperate more on a drift". Me too.

Jim fishes Stuart, Pt. St. Lucie, and Ft. Pierce areas but want to do Flamingo. We all do Jim. Welcome!

Save the Oceans!
Cobra Fish n Dive. Lynn is from Washington, DC that is, and is our 2nd female member. Her FnD is equipped with a finder and trolling motor with PVC rod holders in back. Plans an anchor trolley and lift handles for easier (but never easy) lifting.

Changes: Yak Weight Watchers to lose 20 lb., and a rudder.

She's even found she can stand in it, and wants to learn to flycast standing! Lynn says it best "I love the boat and the freedom it gives me. I don't usually call it a kayak; it's the bass boat I've always wanted". Lynn likes to fish the Palm Beach area and the Keys.

Chrystal is a yakfishin, er 'paddlefishin' guide...
Tarpon Springs
Heritage Fisherman. Holy smokes Batman... two yak sisters inna row. Chrystal really likes her yak, says it's fast and quiet, but wants to add a rudder. Like Brandon. Just sent me some nice pics and here they are.

She's into inshore stuff - reds, snook, trout and tarpon. Aren't we all. And all in one day, if ya don't mind... btw, Chrystal is an editor for Onshore - Offshore Mag. (soon to be distributed in Pompano) and is a yakfishin, er paddlefishin guide. How bout a wadin thru the mud fishin guide

Welcome, Chrystal...

Can't see David's yak.... but who cares with that fish!!!
Ft. Lauderdale
Yellow Perception Swing. David's yak is one of the original classic yakfishin machines. Known for being stable and trackin like a tank. Is that so David? With two flushmounts behind the seat, Scotty up front, anchor trolley, paddle clips and a modified seat. Thicker or thinner?

David is into fly fishin the 10,000 Islands, Glades and Flamingo, but says "Ok... I'll break out the Bait Runner for Flamingo sharks." I'll bet you do.

Save the Oceans!
Frank the Bugcatcher
Grey Old Town Loon. This 16 ft. double SIK is really equipped: flotation, rudder, homemade tackle tray, rod and paddle holders, night light, binocs, radio, compass, whistle, Everglades flag, large sponge, and even canned food! Frank's even considering a sailing rig and trolling motor. Is this a liveaboard?

Seriously, Frank finds it very stable and controllable and fishes with his collie, Gus. Fishes the Dania Cut Off Canal and the ICW for snook and snapper, wants to try some offshore. Nicknamed the "Bugcatcher" cause he spent years diving for lobster in the keys. Hey, it's tough but someones gotta do it!'s my actual brother David!
Ft. Myers
He don't need no stinkin yak!. Yup, this is my (actual) bro David from Ft. Myers. He's aged well, and his paddlin is gettin good. One of these days he's gonna try fishin. But you just have to click on his pic to see him attacking Pine Island Sound (surprising close to my home) and scoring a never seen before Slipperfish. Amazing!

David's a good man, great father, super brother. I will dance on his grave, of course...

Save the Oceans!
Brown Mainstream Sneak. The MS is a 12 ft SIK that Dave got on sale and used for bass 'n crapsters. But now he's really into salt and real fish, so he's lookin at a Tarpon, Bimini and Scupper Pro. Caught his first shark, a small one, but as he so well put it "...after a crappie, a shark is a shark". Amen.

Dave's done Hall Pass, South Beach, Choko, Bahia Honda in the Keys and is now into doin bluewater. My kinda guy. Better buy the Pro quick...

Save the Oceans!
Miami Beach
Perception Swing. Mike likes the Swing with 2 holders and well known for it's stability, but is thinkin bout a 160 as he needs larger hatches to stow all his gear. Just like Joe and I he loves to troll spoons to cover a lot of ground, and stops to fish "good lookin mangroves".

When he's not hangin out at N. Haulover, hehe, Mike's fishes Oleta and the ICW and says he's "hooked everything". He's lookin to improve his skills.

Cute kids, Alan!
Ft. Lauderdale
Lime Ocean Kayak Aegean. This is a huge yak for a single guy. So why does Alan have it? So he can take his three kids out...check out this really cute pic! He likes its obvious room and stability.

Alan lives near the ICW, hasn't done any yakfishing, but he's really into it. And is willing to take the Queen Mary out to do it. More power to ya, my friend!

Save the Oceans!
Boynton Beach
Scupper Pro to be. Fred is my kinda guy. Owned two Pro's, sold em. Had a few complaints about accessing the front hatch underweigh (naughty boy!), no center hatch or cup drain. But when push came to shove, and even considering a Tarpon or Scramber XT...

Yup. He wants another Pro TW, great for the ocean fishin and divin he has in mind. What a guy!

A red 'n white yak?
Ft. Lauderdale
Red 'n Yella Perception Illusion. Robert's yak is one laid out machine, with a Lowrance finder, flotation (6 noodles, Harmony seat, and paddle clips with a mean gaff.

Robert, and no doubt his brother, have been explorin both fresh and salt around Miami, Card Sound and Key Largo...everybody's favorite. Except for Flamingo, except the beach. Looks like another deep water yakker...

Save the Oceans!
New OK Drifter. Carol is our 4th, or is it 5th Yaksister, welcome! Carol is mad for yakking, is anxious to buy and equip her new Drifter, and is into PVC, duct tape, wire ties and making your own accessories. My kinda grrl.

Carol has done freshwater but has discovered yaks, wants to start with mangrove snapper, but wants to do it all...offshore, inshore, kites - Kites!? You be da Sister, sister! Many of us had the pleasure of meeting Carol at the Yak-In. You'll get a lotta help here...

Dick's Big Kahuna... Our First Outrigger!
Sailboat Dick
Virile Beach
Granite Aquaterra Big Kahuna. You'd know a guy from Virile Beach would have a big Kahuna, and hard as granite too! Seriously Dick (oh why can't I stop grinnin here), welcome to our somewhat zany group. Actually this is one amazin 13 ft. yak...our first with OUTRIGGERS!!! Great job!

Dick loves the ocean and needs a fast drainin, stable platform and his specially equipped Big Kahuna (still grinnin) does the job. He loves to troll plugs and also does some live bait fishin with his "Knocker" rig (sinker slides up to the hook). Dick, with your Big Kahuna and Knockers you're bound to score...

I gotta go lay down now. Welcome to the group!

Save the Oceans!
Necky Dolphin. At last a Necky, one seaworthy yak. Fermin was an offshore powerboater til his wife gave him the Dolphin on which you'll now find him inshore. His wife has a Cruiser and they love to explore in the Miami/Keys area. Equipped with a homemade PVC 3-rod holder, color GPS and scupper plugs.

Fermin's got the prince of Yaks and chases the royalty of fish, bones and tarpon. My kinda guy, my kinda yak, my kinda fish... welcome Fermin!

The Two Tews!
The Two Tews
Ft. Lauderdale
Yeller and "Melon" Explorers. These 13 foot Cobras look like a lotta fun, and the two Tew, Jim and Sue (aha! You have to meet Sue Sea!) really love em. According to the pic they're not set up for fishin, but will soon be. Jim wished they were a "little more stable" though. A stand up guy!

Jim's a fly guy and he will be welcome here. Check out Superfly Ken, Chef Mike, Bill, Jerry, Ernie, Lynn and David...whew, where DID all these flyboys 'n girls come from?

Mikhael's Navy!
Ft. Lauderdale
Green n blue Tarpon 160. Yet another WS cruiser with a coupla flushmounts, Humminbird finder and STS seat. Mikhael has done Flamingo - Perl Bay - Hell's Bay, and tried some bluewater. Not to mention some inland bass.

Mikhael would luv to hook up with a fishin partner. Write below if you're game...

Save the Oceans!
Türanganui-ä-Kiwa, Aotearoa
New Zealand
Scupper Pro XT. Peter may not have the model right, but he's got the right idea. He's a New Zealander who loves the rock gardens, reefs and big surf that we know little about. Does it all - scuba, spearfishing and carrying a boat rod - after anything that moves.

He's dumped and lost nothing, uses his scupper holes as rodholders and wishes only for a higher seat. Our most distant member, welcome! We love those NZ superyaks!

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