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Kewl How-To's for Yakfishers

A $60 Cartop Carrier (for 1 or 2 yaks)

How 'bout dis? A cheep, effective, easy to build, stable car top yak carrying system with triple redundancy. No holes in your roof. No expensive rack systems. Portable. Easy to make with common materials. Easy and quick to load and attach. And for only $60! Use pool noodles instead of foam pads and it's only $15...

Master Yakker Frank's Master Yak

This is less a "how to" than a "how it was done". Master Yakbrother Frank took the time to picture, detail and splain how and what he did to his yak, with a comprehensive description of each feature, it's construction and usability. Although not totally bout yakfishing you will learn much. I guarantee it. Definitely worth a look. Check also the pic of Joe's Unique Cam 'n Ram System. Joe runs a fishfinder with a unique transducer mount and a water protected, on-deck cam to take pictures of... himself! Usually with a fish.

Waterplay & Ocean Kayaks demo the new Prowler!

Sept. 27th, George English Park. Waterplay and Ocean Kayak demo the new Prowler, plus the Pro, XT, newer Mars, Frenzy, the Necky Dolphin and Spike and a whole lot more. Including pics and reviews by me.

Capn Jimbo's Top Ten Fishinyak Myths

All you've ever heard about how to choose a fishin yak is, well, wrong. Watch in utter amazement as the self-designated Capn Jimbo, in direct communciation with god, dissembles the 10 big lies of fishing yak promotion. We've all been had!

First Ya Point, then Yer Clicketh...
"Honest - it was this big..."

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