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The Godfisher

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Posted: Oct. 04 2008,07:26

First, a moment of silence for the wonderful Paul Newman, one of my heroes.  Vaya con dios, Paul...

In "The Sting" Paul played a clever grifter in a movie that kept me guessing til the very end.  I recently received an email from the manufacturer of the "Stinger Anchoring System" which had my complete attention...

For maybe 10 seconds.


Now before I reveal my feeling, let's hear from the manufacturer"

How deep exactly does the Stinger extend? From the bottom of the boat? From the top of the deck? Which do you mean?

Fully extended, the Stinger extends 5 feet from the bracket, mounted on the top of the stern, to the tip touching the bottom. We give a generous 12 inches of “freeboard” in our promise that the Stinger will anchor in 4 feet of water. It may be a little more, but you can understand how this is somewhat of a complex and variable answer.

What if I want a Stinger for water deeper than 4 feet?

We do make custom Stingers for depths of 5 feet and 6 feet, but with precautions. Our standard 4 foot Stinger, when fully raised, extends above the deck 30 inches or about head height of the operator of the boat. Even at this height, and operator of the watercraft needs to exercise caution and beware of overhead hazards.

My answer to his email:

Craig, with all due respect I think this is way too Rube Goldberg, ill placed, adds weight in exactly the wrong location, drag inducing and bordering on dangerous.

Very limited product for an even more limited market.

Not to mention way too expensive. Personally I use about $2 of 3/4 inch PVC pipe, sawed at an angle on the business end, with a simple T fitting on the top for a short connector rope and clip. Total cost: maybe $4. Light, effective, quick, left attached and stores under a forward bungie.

But thanks for the email. Wish you well, but I don't see this product selling well...

I simply can't believe this product, but then again I never ceased to be amazed for what the bargaholic attachment freaks will shell out big bucks.  In this case - are you strapped in - $290 plus shipping.   I should also mention the Stinger will pick up weed, and is subject to dragging and damaging the shallow flats.  

Imagine too for a moment, you are (too solidly) anchored and you either get a BIG hit, or face an oncoming speedboat.  You're going nowhere.  Let's not even discuss the line wraps you are absolutely sure to get when the fish runs around you.

Honestly, I think this product is completely ridiculous.  And dangerous.


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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