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Posted: Nov. 03 2007,15:27

We all got skunked. Saw lot's of fish sign but we stunk the place up.

That being said:

This was my first visit to Flamingo and I want to thank krash for inviting me. That's one place I would not have gone alone for the first time. Too spooky before dawn when you don't know where to go and what to do .. come to think of it, it's pretty spooky when it's light out too.

The place is awsome. I'm going back. I think we just caught a bad day. The wind was strong at times and then nothing, then came back. The water was extremely murky cause of all the previous weather.

Still, we enjoyed ourselves. We hooked up with four other yakkers of various genders and interests. All very nice folks.

Tuna didn't make it and that was a big plus. He called me on my cell around 6 AM with the old "something came up" excuse but he just sounded drunk as usual.

The big events of the day ... a freakin' giant gator followed me down the mangroves. Thank God for scuppers and a ready water supply.

Also, one of our party hooked a Tarpon .. but no cigar.

I'm really glad I got to see the lay of the land down there. krash said "there's no place like this" and I have to agree.

I also stopped at West Lake (Everglades) on the way out to look at the launch. Nice spot but you can't see much from the dock, it looks like it's a bunch of tunnels.

A semi - good time was had by all.

Never get out of the boat.
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FlatulentTuna Offline

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Posted: Nov. 03 2007,15:34

I aint Drunk...Im just DRINKIN..lol
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Posted: Nov. 03 2007,15:51

you know I love you Tuna .... wanna go camping?
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krash Offline

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Posted: Nov. 04 2007,06:01

First off there is no such thing as a bad day of fishing. Was good to see fishhead took the challange and ventured out of the county.

We launched at the camp ground, not the ideal place, not meant to be a yak launch.. but since most of the area is still trashed from the hurricane the park rangers allow it, just don't park on what they call grass.

As I told fishhead in the invitation the wind would be stiff and the water murky, but the fish are still there. I was spooking them all day, including 1 rather good sized shark on a flat 2' of water, that really rocked my boat when he realized the yak was on top of him.

I did hope to catch a couple fish though, and caught nada. I paddled perhaps twice as far as the others, when I rounded the tip of an island and look back into the area where I last saw fishhead and the others I did not see any yaksters. I called a friend on the handheld vhf and she said all were back at the launch site and packing it in,  that was around noon and I was about a mile away paddling against the tide, so I slowly paddled and cast my way back.

When I got within site of the launch area, there I see a lonely yellow trident with fishhead still casting away. We conversed about the area, checked out some of the natives, un-launched and packed it in for the day.

Fishhead thanks for the help hauling the yak up to the parking area and onto the roof, its much easier with 2 people.

We headed north, I stopped at Roberts and go a coconut milkshake..

There is no other place in the work like Everglades national park.. its just so #### far to drive. Even after you arrive at the gates it still a 45 minute long boring, and sometimes scary, drive to the end of that road.

SW, Live to Fish, Have Tackle will travel ... >,)))~> ~~~~
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