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The Godfisher

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Posted: Mar. 20 2006,04:30

Ah yes.  Good old Rattlesnake in Key Largo.  This is a venerable yakking location in easy-to-reach KL.  It all started when Sue Sea, Barbie Doll and I (yes, Capn's have their privilege) decided a day on the water was just what the doctor ordered.

Ended up at FBO and rented a Phoenix 14 and Tarpon 140 (I just HADDA compare these two side by side) while Sue Sea stuck to her favorite, the Spike.  Then headed off to John Pennekamp to drop off Sue Sea and then back for the rentals.

No way!

The incoming park traffic was backed up, and the park Automaton on duty said "...if you drop her off, we might just close the park while you're gone, just we're just about full".  "But I'll be back in 15 minutes!" I pleaded.  The Automaton repeated her mantra.  Seems like the boys at the gate simply close and lock it and that's that!  Dumb and dumber...

So it was off to Rattlesnake and I was glad we did.  Got to finally do a pretty good on the water test (details in Revuz) and fish a location with lots of good memories and catches.

Sadly, it was comin up on low tide, which eliminated a lot of the nice western flat potholes.  The flats channel is still there but was unproductive.  So we headed to the northeastern tip for some cuda.  A few hotdogs in the shallows, but headed north from the tip to deeper water.

BTW there's a new addition.  Many of you will recall the sunken structure not far from the boat channel.  Well there's what looks like a new BIG sunken barge to the NE, and it must be productive as it was surrounded by some fishin boats.  Even saw some Springbreakers staggering around on top of it.  But SS was tired so we stayed in the area.

Glad I did.  Was using a favorite red/white topwater in the deeper waters off the point (lots of great potholes) when - BANG - huge hit.   Large cuda, pushin four feet for sure.   Quickly repeat casted the area (sometime you can provoke a second strike), but no soap.

So went to my second rod with a chartreuse tube lure (btw, get one with the single hooks - remember you're gonna have to remove em later).  Two powerful hits, same retrieve but managed to evade a hookup.  Great!  This kept me in the area for some time and will have me comin back.  I LOVE big cuda.

All in all a nice day.  Saw a poling guide, a number of barge anchored fishin boats.  I'm sure the flats are still productive on rising tides with both bones and cuda (have even seen tarpon in the shallows), and found some nice deep water BIG cuda.

I'll be goin back...


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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