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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

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Posted: Aug. 08 2005,07:24

Monroe County is extending the "no-take" zone in the Dry Tortuga's Reserve.  Apparently this reserve is unique in that it combines both state and federal waters into no-fishing  zones.

The Herald states this reserve came about through the cooperation of a working group comprises of commercial and recreational fishers, divers, conservationists, scientists, etc. It amounts to a "196 nautical mile reserve".  At issue is adding 46 more miles.  

A new movement made up of some rec fishers declined to join the group, but asked the group to amend the plan to allow "catch and release" in the reserve.  The Herald opposes this as "there is plenty of good fishing available outside the reserve... (and) ... the catch-and-release proposal would create formidable enforcement problems"

My questions to you:

1.  Do you agree or disagree with the Herald?  Do you feel catch-and-release is reasonable?  Or too easily abused?  Is/was the reserve abused now?

2.  More generally, do you feel that no-motor craft deserve an exemption, are kinder to the environment and do not pose a threat (particularly of numbers) to any such reserve?


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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Kodiaz Offline

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Posted: Aug. 08 2005,13:14

hey if the state mad the commercial bag limit the same as the rec bag limit we'd be ovverrun with fish i launch after work sometimes and i see the commercial boats coming back with baskets full of fish and they take whatever they can catch i saw a guy with 75 pounds  of spanich mackerel i wouldnt bother trying to clean and one time saw a boat unloading 6 baskets full of jacks had to be a couple of hundred pounds
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Wentland Offline

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Posted: Aug. 08 2005,15:08

Well here is my 2 cents.
I don't necessessarily agree with the no fish zone extension in that area, but if we have to have the extension I do not believe catch and release should be allowed in that area because I do believe there will be a lack of enforcement.
Having self propelled only fishing is another story and this would not put a significant dent in the fish population in that area.  ???
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critterdog Offline

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Posted: Jan. 28 2009,17:43

Time to plan another trip
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fishunter1 Offline

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Posted: Jan. 29 2009,16:21

Amen to that, Critter. Who's going with Cap't. Wright next month? I think it's OK to extend a bit more, maybe 20 miles, and also to allow no motor recreational fishing-- keep or catch-release.

Edited by fishunter1 on Jan. 29 2009,16:23
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