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phoneman Offline

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Posted: June 07 2007,12:55

Just wondering why noone has brought up the guy who got blown offshore. Why he went out on a day with 20+ MPH winds blowing out of the west with no cell phone, flare or partner is just amazing. And this wasn't the first time he got in trouble in the big blue.

We keep talking about being safe on the water and this is why. The current can kick your ass offshore and this guy is just #### lucky he got back in. I hope people learn from this story and don't think it won't happen to me.

Last year my friend and I got caught in a south current and could not paddle against it a mile offshore. We were smart enough to paddle across it towards the shore and made land about an hour later wiped out, my friend who has a faster yak made it back a little sooner, we seperated and paddled alone (very stupid) but got to shore safe. We will never do that again (don't leave your wingman). I'm glad the guy is safe, but this will remind me to make sure I have my gear packed before I go offshore again.

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critterdog Offline

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Posted: June 07 2007,14:24

I was caught a breif spot on the radio Tuesday that the Coast Guard was looking for a Kayaker off of Ft. Lauderdale Beach, in a orange yak. Never did hear anything else.They did say he was wearing a life vest.

It was early in the morning
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Capn Jimbo Offline
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Posted: June 07 2007,18:28

Kayaker in Trouble

I've been gathering data on this incident; here it is:

A C. J. Shupe, 37 years old, launched at South Beach (Miami).  He had planned to paddle south to Port Everglades to "ship watch", but got carried north by the currents.  Sunset occurred after some hours, and he spent the rest of the night trying to stay upright.

The currents were rough and he flipped twice but was able to reenter.  He tried to keep up his strength with some granola bars and two bottles of water.

Meanwhile his fiance alerted the USCG, who searched both by air and sea.  When the sun rose he was fortunately able to make out land in the distance and paddled west toward what turned out to be Mar-a-lago (a plush community in the West Palm area) and headed toward some lighted houses.

He came ashore exhausted and dehydrated and was given some imported sparkling water, then on to the ER of a local hospital who hydrated and released him the same day.

Shupe stated he "...wouldn't think twice" about getting back in a kayak but was overruled by his fiancee and parents, especially cause this wasn't the first time.

Last fall, Shupe launced from Pompano Beach, got caught in a storm and had to be rescued, once again by the USCG.  They must have a file on him by now.

Bottom line

If you ask me this is yet another instance of the Jackass Factor.  It is also worth noting that his kayak flipped twice, no doubt a measure of the design and/or his lack of skill...


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Capn Jimbo

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critterdog Offline

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Posted: June 08 2007,14:23

Mar-a Lago . As the Donald would say Two mistakes Mr Shupe

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