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Posted: Jan. 10 2008,07:26

Between Salmon and Blue Teeth - it's your, uh, I forgot...

Hate to say it but looks like farm-raised salmon - and that's most of em - is off the menu...

Farm-raised salmon appear to get their dose of PCBs from salmon chow a mixture of ground-up fish and oil. Farm-raised salmon are contained in small aquatic pens, similar to the way poultry is farmed on land. (There are some salmon farms that are more like free-range systems still a controlled environment, but resembling life in the free ocean).

Salmon chow is formulated to get the fish big and fat fast. PCBs accumulate in the fat. The bigger the fish often means more PCBs.

As for the environmental concerns about fish farming, excess feed escapes the net pens polluting the ecosystem. Additionally, farmed salmon, living in such close quarters, are prone to sea lice and other diseases, requiring medications like antibiotics. These also pool into the ecosystem. Lastly, farmed salmon are swimming around in their own waste.

Carcinogenic PCB's are in the environment and salmon farmers are making sure you get more than your share.  Why?  It's profitable, and if ya eat enuf of their tainted product you won't care anyway...


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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