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Posted: Dec. 15 2007,08:37

Modern Organ Grinder

"Period literature often represents the grinder as a gentleman of ill repute or as an unfortunate representative of the lower classes. Newspaper reporters would sometimes describe them cynically or jocularly as minor extortionists who were paid to keep silent, given the repetitious nature of the music. Later depictions would stress the romantic or picturesque aspects of the activity."

"The grinder would often have as a companion a White-headed Capuchin monkey to do tricks and attract attention. The monkey would collect the money from the audience and sometimes collect other shiny objects that attracted his attention."

"There are still persons, at the beginning of the 3rd millennium, who own and sometimes operate a barrel organ on a street. They have very little in common with the calling of the organ grinder of yore... For instance, it is considered lucky for a couple in Denmark to have a barrel organ playing outside on the morning of their 25th wedding anniversary...

The organ grinder: cad, or romantic hero of the people, we all love his cute lil monkey who will beg or steal our money and anything shiny.  Accordingly, the monkey's master often had to dress shabbily to conceal the fact he often made more money than most of his contributors.  

Now you all know my position on monkeys - especially of the KFS sort - to be avoided at all costs!  But I've considered that having a fun monkey or two about might be fun.  Kept on a short chain for our common enjoyment and entertainment, and hey - if he/she brings a few shekels back to moi, well...

Do note the modified title of this section "Politics, Religion, Sex and Monkeys!" led by Winston Churchill's famous statement "Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room."

Perfect!  Havabanana!!

ps. I am eagerly working to acquire an acceptable pet.  Entertaining (in a monkey kinda way), nasty but cute, and who can be potty trained...

Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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