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krash Offline

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Posted: Oct. 11 2007,14:11

Build it Yer-self Yak's,

As the topic reads, I'm bored and wanderin if ya can build a nice yak in yer garage, with all tha humidity down here, using a minimal set of tools.

Are there kits, good ones, bad ones, easy ones, hard ones ?

Are there clubs, groups, crowds, blogs of hand build yaksta's in the area ?

SW, Live to Fish, Have Tackle will travel ... >,)))~> ~~~~
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FlatulentTuna Offline

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Posted: Oct. 11 2007,15:18

I remember seeing a show..or episode for that on the DIY channel
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Posted: Oct. 11 2007,15:59

yeah, I saw some posts on that ... I'll look for the linx for ya. Hey .. while you're at it build me some fish too.
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amhirsc0 Offline

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Posted: Oct. 11 2007,16:50

Jusy google "kayak kits". áI've looked as some of them and yes you can ----- most, if not all, are wood and likely to be SIKs.

After you finish, however, you will have a high maintenance yak, particularly in Florida and salt water. áI think you'll find that most are aimed at the north woods type of yaking.

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Posted: Oct. 11 2007,17:01

Foam and Epoxy

That link looks interesting but I also found the one below .... Backyard Ballistics ...I'm in heaven!

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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

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Posted: Oct. 12 2007,05:19

I'm still "in progress" in building a SOF (skin-on-frame) kayak using traditional measuring techniques (eg length = 3 x outspread arms) and methods (lashing).  Got a really pretty deck, lovely shear.  But I got stuck around the wood steaming/bending part - the ribs are cuts, just need bent and insertion.

But don't hold yer breath.

I also hooked up with two local experts - the famous Charlie, and Kris Buttermore who both design and roll their own.   Perhaps the best design is the Pygmy Tern 14 (also comes in a 17), which is stable, very seaworthy and maneuvreable.  Just $567 or $789 for the full kit (with glass, resin, etc.).  Great reputation, lots of em around esp at the FBO annual races.

Chesapeake Light Craft makes a bunch of different kits from high performance to more recreational designs, a site worth checking.  But their designs are not as well regarded as the Pygmy selection.

These are mostly stitch and glue, and quite doable.  Glass covered so they are strong and long lasting.


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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