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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

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Posted: May 14 2005,05:15

What is your typical knot rig?

My typical spinning rig is 10 lb test on a 7 to 7-1/2 ft Redbone or equal.

1.  First I double my 10 lb line for about 2-1/2 ft, using a Spider Hitch.  Altho you will hear that the Bimini Twist is more reliable, I've never had a Spider Hitch slip.  Not even once.  I will allow that the Bimini is a bit springier though.

2.  Doubled line to about 4 ft of 30 lb leader, using a No Name Knot (aka the Bristol knot), made famous by Mark Sosin, and recommended by George Poveromo.  There are actually several ways to tie this, but the key is that the tag end must stick out at 90 degrees or it's a bad knot.

Here's a link for one variation - No-Name Variation.   Some pass the tag end through the loop at both the beginning and end.  Some at the end only.  This is a neat variation.

But a great knot cause the 90 degree tag end will make a little "click" as it passes through your top guide on the retrieve.  Nice at night or when your eyes are elsewhere to let you know your lure is about back in.

3.  Finish with the famous Capt. Mel's Loop Knot.  Talk about a great, versatile knot.  Very quick and easy to tie, you can adjust the length of the loop as you tie it.  Tag ends up pointing toward the lure and a more weed free.  And can even untie and retie a new lure on.  Leader last a lot longer.  Only caveat:  be sure to lube it and check it once in awhile.  

Link: Capt. Mel's Loop Knot

I've been very happy with this combination.  All are fairly easy and quick to tie, are reliable, compact and have special advantages.  

What's your rig and why?


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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chefmik Offline

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Posted: May 14 2005,07:06

My rig is simple......20# braid with a 30# flourocarbon leader attached with an albright knot.
I also use a little knot glue to finish it off.

Chef Mike
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jerryg Offline

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Posted: May 15 2005,10:17

I assume you are talking spinning or conventional gear.

I don't uvs this gear very often, but when I do I use braided line.  6lb diameter.  Bimini twist and then tied with back to back uni's to a flourocarbon leader.  I use non-slip loop
or a uni to tie to the terminal tackle.

when I fly fish,  I use needle knot attach the butt.

back to back perfection loos to attach the leader, then use back to back uni's to build the leader and the same terminal knots as above.

When fishing for BIGGER GAME I have used the bimini to huffnagle method.  But I have experimented with the
the slim beauty knot and find it much easier to tie.

I have not used it yet, but have heard only good things about it.



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Posted: May 15 2005,11:59

I use braided PowerPro of Tuffline tied to 40# Fluorocarbon with a double uni-knot.  Then a uni-knot to the lure.  I've never doubled my line before the leader and I wonder if it is really necessary for most inshore light tackle fishing?

Am I wrong?  Again.
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Neptune4 Offline

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Joined: April 2005
Posted: May 15 2005,17:56

I'm with Don B. on this one. Uni and Uni to Uni is simple, versatile, and I've never had a failure either inshore or offshore. Do it enough and you can tie in the dark. :D
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super_fly Offline
Moderator - Flyfishin

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Posted: May 15 2005,20:12

I'm pretty similar to Don & Jerry.

Spin: uni-uni main line to leader
Fly: nail knot for line to butt of leader, uni's all the way down to build the leader.

For fly & spin lure attachment: non-slip loop for just about everything. If I don't want a loop the I use a uni. Haven't had any problems (except for figuring out how to get my lures out of the mangroves...) as long as I'm using decent mono & flouro (as in NOT berkely vanish...)

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Cookinman Offline

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Posted: Sep. 08 2006,18:01

Quote (chefmik @ May 14 2005,10:06)
My rig is simple......20# braid with a 30# flourocarbon leader attached with an albright knot.

Same setup, except I like a surgeons knot wrqpped 5 times intread of the traditional 3 - NEVER slipped and habe broken both braid and Leader before the knot has given.  Simple, easy and easily accomplished in the dark or on rolling waves....
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krash Offline

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Posted: Sep. 11 2006,05:07

Similar setup to the captain there..

If using braid, (I hate braid), 20# rated PP or Suffix,  its approx. a 2 foot loop with a 12 turn Bimini, Uni to Uni fluro leader, then a Rapala Loop knot to a lure, or a modified cinch knot to a hook.

When using striaght mono 10#, 12#, 20#, and the application calls for leader, its a Uni to Uni mono to Fluro, if no leader required its the Rapala Loop or Modified Cinch knot.

If straight mono 6# or 8# in freshwater, I use the modified cinch knot when targeting Peacock Bass to lure, a Rapala Loop to lure for most other fish, and a Palamar knot to worm hook. I find that when using light mono and a loop knot the peacock bass hit so hard the rapala knot breaks where the loop passes through the eye of the lure.

SW, Live to Fish, Have Tackle will travel ... >,)))~> ~~~~
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