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Posted: May 11 2007,13:06

I am in the middle - I, like Randrums like to be prepped for many different situations in the ocean.  Also like Rand and RDS, I paddle a SCPW.  The more I fish it, the more I like it.
Could use a BIT more cocptit and TW storage, but other than that not a complaint.

Sabiki stick usually catches bait at launch site then gets converted to a light weight plug tosser( all those exposed hooks while underway are just askin for probs..lol)  I also will carry one Butterfly jig setup, one live bait rig, one trolling setup and one live / cut bait setup.  

I  carry Pyramid, barrell and Bank sinkers in various sizes, Wire in knottable and twistable form.  Mono and Fleuro leader both in varius tensile.  J hooks, Circes, trebbles for stinger rigs, sabiki's, Bucktail jigs, speed jigs, pompano jigs Jig heads gotcha's,Yozuri and X Rap plugs, spoons, Gulp baits, other bags of plastics,  pliers, knife, a livewell for bait etc.
No gaff though :( need another ricket launcher combo - Saw a great one at West Marine for my next tankwell construction - 6 Holder...:) )

Another safety suggestion is to run my line down past the neck of the reel and up the rod and sink the hook into a high/ top eyelet while underway to prevent any hooks in the hat or back of the neck while leaning back ( Found that one out the hard way )

The trick is organization IMHO.

The tackle ALL fits into a 6 pack cooler because it is space and shape organized.

The rods are all in a rod rack mounted to a milk crate.  with one in the rod mount in front of me.  The outer 2 rocket launchers at 45 angles to serve as makeshift outriggers while trolling at different depth. Strong side deep, weak side sub surface.  the rod rach has been slot cut to fit my baitknife ( Blade away) and pliers in it.  I have also screwed in Eyelets underneath the rack to clip my rod leashes to.

The Milkcrate holds the 5 gal baitwell and is bungeed to the yak 6 inches behind the back og the seat giving me a place to wedge the tackle cooler - as well as ensures my shoulders do not bash the reels in the launchers :)

Some degree of minimalist thinking is necessary and IMHO compared to how I fish normally this setup is Minamalist, but also is versatile enough to allow mw to vary my approach in response to conditions.  

I have found that condidtions are invariably different at launchtime than when I am rigging up and planning it the night before.

If I wanted to top it off,  I am lacking only 2 things that will with any luck, be solved on Father's day.  A Place to store the catch and drinking water of any decent amount.  I currently hydrate before and after as I am really only out for 4-6 hrs at a shot.  I plan on getting a CFS Kayak bag that straps to the bow.  Will hold my catch and a ferw bottles of frozen water to keep it cold, which will of course melt into drinking water overt the course of the day.

My freshwater setup varies a bit but is similar.
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Quick Reply: minimalist vs. everything but the kitchen sink
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