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jflynn Offline

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Posted: Oct. 13 2006,16:07

Has anyone come across a comparison of different rods? I know everyone has their faviorates but I am particulary interested in which spinning and/or bait casting rods will cast the furtherest. How much difference do high-end guides make? How much difference does the length of the rod make? How much difference does the type of rod material make? It seems these would be things that could be quantitatively tested fairly easily. Also, how much difference does the reel make? I typically use 20 pound PowerPro with a 30 pound florocarbon leader tied on with a uni-to-uni knot. How much does the uni-to-uni know decrease the casting lenth due to friction going through the top few guides? I'm curious if there are really significant performance differences in rods. I would consider a 20% difference in casting length significant. I know casting distance isn't the only factor in selcting a rod, but it would be interesting to know how much difference there is.
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tunanomayo Offline

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Posted: Oct. 13 2006,16:49

One thing that is very important about the length of your rod (no joke intended) is that you can get the line around the bow to switch sides if you are fighting a large fish. Having the line run along the bottom of the kayak is an invitation for a break off. The high end guides reduce friction which also causes breakoffs. The most important factor for casting distances is the weight, shape, and size of the lure. A castmaster style jig goes for miles, while a large swimming plug almost stops mid air in moderate wind conditions. Also, with a 36" leader the knot should be ahead of the guide when casting.

"keep the wet side down and the dry side up!"
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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

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Posted: Oct. 13 2006,18:10

Boy, that's a good question and I think you're gonna get a lot of interesting replies.  Here's mine:

1.  I am a real fan of the Redbone IM7 rods.  These come equipped with the Fuji Long Cast System, which is 9 guides on a 7 to 7-1/2 foot rod.  The Redbones sell for around $90 and compare very favorably with rods costing twice as much.   They are reasonably fast, if you understand the term.

The concept of the Fuji system is: a series of closely spaced guides that pull down the mono loops fairly quickly, and due to their close spacing, do not allow the mono to reexpand and slow the cast.  As a result the long cast system is promoted as resulting in longer, more accurate casts.  I have found this to be true.   There is a real difference in lines too.

2.  I assume braided lines will absolutely cast farther.  Still, I find myself committed to Sufix mono.  Ande also has a great reputation.

3.  I doubt the uni-to-uni knots make much of a difference, but I've never liked uni's.  Personally I'm VERY fond of doubling my 10 lb. mono with a Spider knot, then a no-name to tie on the leader.
I tie on all lures with Captain Mel's loop knot which is truly any amazing knot - easy and very fast to tie - and can actually be UNtied and REtied for lure changes.  

But I can't say enough for the fast tip Redbones with their 9-guide Fuji systems.  Really works...


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Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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Cookinman Offline

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Posted: Oct. 13 2006,20:02

I also am a BIG, BIG of the Redbone - I have a 7'6 Hurricane paired with a 4000 series spinning reel with 20# pp - Casts even the lightest freshwater plugs 35-50 yds.  And Crocodiles....lol, can almost hit the opposite shore at the Boca inlet.

This weekend I am ging to Flamingo to put it's "long Cast " to the test while sight cating the flats ( Hopefully we sight something to cast to..lol )

It is my Favorite inshore Rod, anfd I like it so much, I tackle fish far larger than what is prudent for it's class.  I really will buy only them from now on.
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