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Posted: June 20 2009,07:27

Kayaking, Nudity, Rolling and Waterfalls

Is it possible?  It it good?  Is it idiotic?  Yes, yes and yes.  Maybe.

Check this out:

Kayaker rolls into another world record near Lake Worth
Atlantis man tries to top technique record he set 18 years ago

By Marc Freeman | South Florida Sun Sentinel
   3:50 PM EDT, June 14, 2009

LAKE WORTH - Around and around and around he goes. There's no stopping Randy Fine when he decides to roll his kayak for glory.

The personal-fitness trainer who lives in Atlantis embarked Sunday on the challenge of breaking his 1991 world record of 1,796 continuous Eskimo rolls with paddles.

An Eskimo roll is a self-rescue technique that involves righting a capsized kayak without leaving the boat. Fine trained for months for his latest Eskimo roll marathon.

At 8 a.m., with his wife Jeanine and four referees as official witnesses, Fine paddled out to 20- to 30-foot-deep water in Lake Osborne at John Prince Park west of Lake Worth.

And the self-described adventurer began turning his kayak over and over and over, using his legs to brace himself in the vessel and the paddles to steer it.

"It's a monotonous thing, but it gets done," said Jeanine Fine, who stood on shore with a large chart displaying numbers so her husband could peek at his progress along the way.

By 10 a.m., Fine, 50, had shattered the Guinness World Record he achieved 18 years ago in Miami's Biscayne Bay. His new record: 2,018 rolls.

"I was getting delirious," said the bare-chested Fine, who complained the heat and water temperature prevented him from continuing. "I realized I better stop."

Fine says he'll send signed witness statements, pictures and video evidence to Guinness, with the hope of getting the record certified in four to six weeks.

He already holds another world record: Distance traveled in a canoe in the open sea for 24 hours. In 1986, he went 120.6 miles along the southeast coast of Florida, starting in the ocean off Key Biscayne.

That same year he also gained notoriety from his kayaking fame with a nude pictorial in Playgirl magazine. He said it was a one-time appearance that was his wife's idea.

After a 2002 rodeo bull-riding accident in Georgia, Fine figured his kayaking days were over. His shoulder was severely injured, requiring surgery to reattach muscles. But he recovered, and says kayaking has been therapeutic.

Fine, whose home is near Lantana, says he believes in mental challenges, too. For the past six years, he's created logic puzzles, published in Penny Press Logic Puzzle magazine.

He doesn't recommend that others try Eskimo rolls, aside from learning the technique for kayaking safety. He's sure his new record is safe from challenge.

"The only one who's going to break it," Fine declared, "is me."

Wow!  Over 2000 consecutive rolls, a nude layout in Playgirl, 120 miles in a canoe in open water...  and he designs logic puzzles?  Go figure.  But let me make one thing clear:  he is not the guy who capsized his open cockpit, shallow water rec kayak in front of an incoming tanker in Port Everglades (see article at the main website).

Nor is he the guy named Tyler Bradt, who recently set a world record, kayak waterfall drop: 186 feet over Washington's Palouse Falls - just two months after a record 127 foot drop by Pedro Olivia in Brazil.  

But props to him anyway.  Anyone nuttier than me deserves a dram of good rum...


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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