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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

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Posted: Jan. 25 2007,08:52

Recently got an email from a guy who was bound and determined to install an electric on a tandem.  He felt forced to buy - ouch - a Malibu Pro 2 Tandem which is "set up" already for a motor.  Also claims to be 13' x 55 lb.  Wanta bet?  

So, holding my nose, I did the helpful Capn thing and gave him my best shot...


Malibu is FAMOUS for understating weights.  If I were forced to buy one I'd have to weigh it in the showroom (take a bathroom scale).  I've seen them understate by 15 lb!  And you better check the quality, especially the scupper columns, etc.  And I wouldn't want to tell you how many "dealer installations" I've seen screwed up.  Now I wouldn't be too quick to discount a DIY approach...

Here's a guy who put together an quick n easy milkcrate system that he LOVES...

The builder, goes by "Quietman" had this to say:

"I electrified my FnD using a "power crate" system. Everything goes in and out with four metal turn-buckles. It takes about 1 minute to put in, just seconds to remove. No modifications whatsoever to the yak. The motor I used wa the cheapest one at walmart, $78.99, 34 pounds of thrust. It pushes the FnD at 4.4 mph at full throttle. I'm using a 27 series deep-cycle battery, and have not yet managed to discharge it.

I am *totally* happy with this set-up as it allows my to carry my powered bait tank and everything else exactly as when I don't use power, and since I had the crate and the battery, the total cost of the project was less than $100."

He also used a Sears Marine Die Hard marine deep cycle, 105 amp/hrs, bout $70.  Cheap thrills.  I continued...

"No mods, easy in and out, less than $100 (plus battery), works on ANY decent fishin yak.  Doesn't get any easier or effective.  You don't have to compromise by being forced to buy what is really a pig of a yak with questionable quality and that will be VERY heavy.  

Instead you can adapt it to a kayak that is better made, lighter, faster and that is paddleable WITHOUT the motor.  It's also very nice that you then have the best of both worlds -  a good paddlin double that you can also motorize quick and easy anytime you want."

See?  I'm not prejudiced against motors.  They can be used to build absolutely wonderful artificial reefs....


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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RDS Offline

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Posted: Jan. 27 2007,17:56

As the owner of a Malibu Pro 2 tandem, it actually does have a pair of embedded screws in the back for attaching Malibu's $125 motor mount (motor is extra). I've found the ruggedness (abusability?) of the kayak quite good, scupper holes and all, but it is a bit leaky with all the hatches installed. Unless they switched to a thinner plastic mold than what I have, the weight is closer to 68-69 lbs than 55.

Sticking to the thread, I can think of a lot more watercraft that would be better to put a small motor on than a kayak.

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keleko Offline

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Posted: Feb. 01 2007,18:04

####, and i thought my hobie adventure at 16'/67lbs was heavy... shorter AND heavier AND a motor on it? no way jose

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