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The Godfisher

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Posted: Feb. 18 2008,15:55

The "Classic" is not being mass marketed but IS available in large special orders by certain retailers.  In sum, if you see one or can find one, and want it - buy it.  Quick.

There are certainly some differences, mostly incremental improvements by RTM in the Tempo, eg better front hatch design.  The biggest difference affecting performance is that the Tempo, though still nicely rockered, has noticeable less rocker than the Pro.  This aids tracking and lessens weather helm (wind effect). OTOH, I can come pretty close to a 180 in a single sweep with the Pro.

You pays yer money, you takes yer choice...


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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Posted: Feb. 19 2008,14:16

Gee, I thought the bottom of the hull of the two was the same ----- at least that's what I thought when the French used the Pro mold, and as I recall was reported that way.  To my knowledge, an increase of rocker results in a reduction in speed, provided that all other hull paramerters are the same.

Is the Tempo faster?

(Capn's Note: the hulls are so visually similar that I'd have never guessed there was any significicant difference.  It took two extensive side by sides to discover it.  Technically the Tempo oughta be a tad faster, but just a tad.  The larger difference will be in windage and turning)

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