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The Godfisher

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Posted: Nov. 01 2007,17:12

I love bad weather, the opportunity to see Mutha Nature in full bloom.  And she can be one hot mami!  Ten to twelve foot rolling swells, reaching high as they near the shore, with wind-whipped tops and sand blowing so hard it stings.  If you're wearing glasses they'll soon be covered with salt.


And nicer yet was when I saw a patient located in an upper floor of the Point America condominium highrise overlooking the Port Everglades inlet yesterday.  As I looked down onto the raging ocean about 1 pm I saw a gaggle of hundreds of circling gulls and pelicans repeatedly diving.

A bust up off the inlet.

Nothing new, we've all seen em.  But this was a pretty darn big one.  Spent an hour with my patient, looked again - still there and still bustin up.  Now this WAS very unusual.  Was it the same bust?  Same place, same action.  I believed it was and I was astonished.

So much so that when I finished about 5 pm, I grabbed my rod, headed back down to the beach, hiked in down the beach from the north and arrived at the north jetty covered with salt spray and sand.

Think the Old Man and the Sea meets hurricane.

Amazingly the birds - hundreds - were still there, same place, same action.  I had my trusty $28.90 all Shakespeare rig - 8 lb test, 25 lb mono leader and a couple of 1 oz. chrome metal lures, perfect for high wind conditions.  As I approached the jetty I happened upon some surfers, asked em what they saw out there...

"Tarpon - big ones!" they said, and they knew.  Seems like this once-in-a-lifetime extended bustup was a rare opportunity. I cast once - hit immediately. Nice jack.  Cast again - immediate hit - nicer jack.  Cast again - hit - BIG jack (maybe 10 lbs.).  And in the raging surf and winds each one was a battle.

And so it went.

I simply could not bring in the lure without hit after hit after hit.   Lure got thrown a couple times, but hooked up again before I could reel more than another revolution or two.  The water was a froth.  And it went on, and on, and on.  

And so did I, hoping for a tarpon hookup.

Which never happened.  The jacks were voracious and numerous and grabbed off my offerings within a second of the lure hitting the water.  The tarpon were there, but didn't stand a chance.

After an hour I was simply tired, soaked and very, very happy.  I had experienced something I'd never seen.  A bustup that went on for at least 5 hours, and continued after I left.  The universe had come together in a perfect moment.  Huge schools of bait, driven into the corner by the right storm, the right waves, the right tides for a food fest of such proportions it was hard to believe.

A dream come true, not to be forgotten.  

Naturally, I returned to this area today prepared to try once again.  It was not to be.  I scanned the entire area for over an hour with my binoculars.  


And so it goes....


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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Posted: Nov. 01 2007,18:27

sounds like you had a blast ... I guess you didn't have your cell phone with you huh? .. lol.
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