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Posted: Sep. 07 2007,12:13

Today, as usual, I was out in West Lake fishing and paddling. Enjoying one of the few areas in the county that's closed to motor traffic. I was completely alone on the lake. It doesn't get any better ... fish or no fish.

I was heading toward the east side estuary canals when to my surprise I saw a jet skier heading dead at me from the north, full throttle of course. I thought to myself, "it must be a park ranger". I have seen them in West Lake in small motor boats before. It wasn't a ranger. It was your typical, oblivious, power drunk jet skier.

He buzzed by me on the port side, did a loop and buzzed by me on the starboard side. I tried to signal him, not because I wanted to bash his face in (I did want that) but because I presumed he was perhaps unaware of the restrictions. I thought "I should tell the poor lad before he gets a ticket".

I held up my paddle in one hand at full arms length and waved it side to side. I took off my hat and did a "yoohoo" at him. I did everything except stand up and moon this a-hole but never got his attention.

He buzzed up and down the lake for about 15 minutes then actually went into the tight mangrove channels at full speed kicking up the mud and generally disturbing the peace.

This episode has convinced me that I need a flare gun. Not for signalling but for self defense. Thank God for low bridges. Check the vid.

Tommy can you hear me?

Never get out of the boat.
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FlatulentTuna Offline

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Posted: Sep. 07 2007,15:48

was that you p.o.s. white truck by the dock?
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Posted: Sep. 07 2007,16:07

uh no ... tuna, what are you talking about?
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RDS Offline

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Posted: Sep. 08 2007,08:57

I've seen that once before. You almost hope they find that shallow spot a little north of the Sheridan st bridge and run aground at full throttle on a rocky bottom. It would also help if the rental outfits would be a bit more explicit about where not to go.

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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

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Posted: Sep. 08 2007,10:31

I think it's time to reinstitute my 2nd favorite sport: Jet Skeet Shooting.  Pull!


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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