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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

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Posted: June 28 2007,05:15


Is that a noodle in your pants or are ya just glad to be here? Or anywhere for that matter...  

I am very concerned about these so-called "rooles".  I don't need no steenking rooles.  But sadly, we are at the mercy of The Roolemaker.  Therefore I request with great respect and maximum deference His Roolemaker's consideration:

1.  There are average noodles and there are big noodles.  Believe me I KNOW this.  It does not seem fair that one could slip a biggie into the fray!  No matter to me of course, my noodle is gigantic.

2.  Does color matter? I think it essential that all use easily visible colors - say yellow or lime green - after all, if ya wanta avoid the noodle ya gotta see it comin...

3.  And how bout noodles without holes?  Anybody worth his noodle knows that a noodle without a hole - however effective - is clearly unfair.  First off, it's just plain NOT natural - we expect our noodles to have holes.  Even a child knows this.  

A holeless noodle is an abomination and a waste of good foam.  Yes, yes they are effective but clearly unfair.  No whistle of warning, less air resistance, heavier and more damaging.  And more likely to take a "set".

Not good, my friends, not good I say.  But it's not up to me - rather we are at the complete mercy of the Grand Poolbah - hizzoner the "Roolemaker" - who is in charge here.  I am but a simple observer and reporter.

Humbly submitted...


Edited by Capn Jimbo on June 28 2007,05:19

Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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Quick Reply: How do you keep your smokes dry?
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