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Topic: 24 hr record, By john howard, 104.6 miles...< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
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Posted: Jan. 10 2008,06:59

How low - er, long - can you go?!

The boys at HPB are truly wonders.  Anyone who mistakes them for anything but the cutting edge inventors, engineers and tinkerers they are is probably drivin a Hobie, lol.

John's ride is prop driven of course and ultra narrow.  The cockpit design is notable, allows a reasonable sitting space and center of operations with high sponson-like sides, tapered entry.

This design of course is very narrow and long for maximum speed.  Too narrow to sit on or in, and even if you could will require exceptional balance.  The cockpit does double duty and provides sponson support when the operator inevitably loses balance - but does so with a gradual entry and minimal turbulence and interference.

The Simian among you should note that such designs and feats of accomplishment are anything but inconsequential - quite the opposite.  Such designs illustrate the shortcomings of unthinking commercial designs which have to be almost complete abandoned to achieve records. Fortunately - for the manufacturers - there are fools galore who accept their mediocrity and marketing.

Congratulations Mr. Howard.


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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