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krash Offline

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Posted: Oct. 02 2007,13:13

Ok heres the setup, I have a small 2dr foreign coupe type car, perhaps made in Amerika, Honda Civic has no gutters and I haul a yak all around sunny, and rainy, S. Florida.

As some of you know I currently use a set of soft surfboard racks, attached via straps, you open the doors, run the strap through the inside, cinch them down, and close the doors. Another strap secures the yak to the rack. Easy tie down front and back to the cars shipping tiedown loops.
Pros, easy and quick to use and they do the job.
Cons, wick water and drip inside the car when raining, and the roof is getting dinged up.

If ya had a choice would ya get Yakima or Thule racks, so as to less destroy the roof or affect the sun-roof operation.

Lets hear the good, bad, and perhaps ugly, feel free to suggest another comercially available rack, but please also include a link to a web site.

SW, Live to Fish, Have Tackle will travel ... >,)))~> ~~~~
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Scupper Pro Frank Offline
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Posted: Oct. 04 2007,11:02


Thules currently ride atop the Mazda SportWagon.  Yakimas rode atop the Jeep Grand Cherokee until it was totaled (we loaned it to a friend up from PR -she was going out of town for a weekend & was bringing it back to us for safekeeping; two blocks away she got T-boned).  Thules rode atop the Taurus & Nissan 240.

All work/worked well; all are/were solid; none damaged car tops when properly deployed.

Yak rack on Jeep was slightly best -tower shoes attached directly to the factory roof rack rails (hence their moniker, RailRiders), and towers clipped (in our case, locked) on to the footers.  Very solid,  with wind howl we took care of with enclosing the round bars with pool noodles.  Basically, it was a permanent rig; we used it on many a trip to/from Home Depot with lumber as well as to/from home waters with kayaks.

Current setuo of Thules atop the Mazda are slightly second best; we would've gone with Yaks -had they been available to fit the factory roof rack when we bought the SportWagon, but only Thule had one offered at that time.  These attach via steel-reinforced rubber straps tensioned tight, resulting in a solid mounting, and are locked.  These have a more pronounced wind howl, but we take care of them in the same way: they're shod in pool noodles held on with clear strapping tape.  Because these have more wind howl, and have square bars, making them slightly more difficult to wrap with round noodles with a cylindrical hole running their length, they come in second to the Yakimas.  This is also basically a permanent setup, and has also made the Home Depot run for lumber, etc., with equally successful results.

Thules for the Taurus were designed to fit the Taurus (i.e., the doortop clips are designed to conform to those of the car they're made for, so they fit when the door shuts on them; the rest is a fairly standard setup), but surprisingly worked quite well on the old Nissan as well; when the rubber-footed towers were mounted and properly clipped to the roof window sills & strapped tight, they were surprisingly solid when the clip straps are tensioned, but not permanently attached.  

So there you have it.  There are -like our friend Greyak -those who swear by Saris racks as well.

A good set from any of these guys will provide you with a good way to tote your boat(s) so you can

Paddle On!
Scupper Pro :cool: Frank
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Capn Jimbo Offline
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Posted: Oct. 04 2007,19:42

I'm on my second Honda product, the first an '88 Civic, the second a '90 Acura - both with a roof like yours.  

One of the nice things bout an older Civic, in addition to the great gas mileage, is that I had and have no compunction whatever about drilling small holes in the roof for attachment with through bolts.   The Civic has a nice solid roof liner that you can then use a one-inch hole drill, mount the thru-bolts, then buy some neat hole plugs from Home Despot, and...

Nice and neat, looks like a factory job, you can then so mount any kind of rack or carrying device you can concoct...


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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