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Nanuk Offline

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Posted: July 01 2007,09:55

I am getting the first of this new incarnation of the Pelican this week - the first 8 off the mould.

I tried to get Leon to do these changes years ago, but he was always too busy. Arthur and Tracey have worked hard to incorporate my ideas into this new kayak - and we gave it the new name to save confusion - Pelican Angler is a bit of a mouthful. So touring kayaks get bird names (Skua, Pelican etc) Fishing kayaks get fish names. Hence Marlin - because it had to be recognised worldwide, iconic and short enough to go on the deck!!!

The hull is the same tried and tested Pelican. It paddles beautifully, fast, responsive, easily manoevered, is incredibly stable, sit side saddle no bother, very light 22kgs (about 45lbs) is strong enough and contrallable enough to be fitted with the delta sail at 1.6 sq M. and still be totally stable.

To make it more angler friendly we have rigged the Marlin with 2x rod holders, 3x anchor hauls, the small crate on the after hatch in a slight recess to stop it sliding off. There is also a small hatch (glove box) in the centre console large enough to take some food, drink, VHF or a fly wallet or lurebox.

The concept is very much still a touring based kayak which can be used for fishing, rather than a fishing dedicated kayak that can be used for touring.

The huge cargo compartments (sealed with bulkheads at each end) are retained - so the amount of stowage you have for camping gear is enormous. The thinking being if you are on a touring/fishing trip for a few days or even a week - the fishing stuff you need access to on the water, so it goes in the crate and small hatch in the console. Camping gear and clothing etc only needs access once you are on the beach - it is hardly any hardship to unbuckle and lift the crate off to get at your tarp/tent and sleeping bag, cooker etc. Cans of food, beer etc is best stowed close to the bulkhead in the after hatch - main bulk of weight then kept central to maintain handling. Forward compartment (bow) used for lighter stuff like clothing and sleeping bag. There is room for a weeks stuff easily.
The anchor hauls are the same as on the Dorado, as are the aft facing, slightly outward angled rod holders for efficient trolling with the rods well out of the paddle arc, even for stern strokes.

If you are looking for a pure fishing kayak - then it is still the Dorado, which is an out and out fishing kayak that can be used for touring. Over here we have a need for a kayak that is good for touring, but which can be used for a bit of fishing - the Marlin is aimedmore at pure fly or lure anglers rather than those who use big baits and the bigger tackle that goes with it - they will still have the Dorado for those games.

The Marlin is a nice combination for the light tackle user and means they don't have to have two kayaks.

Just for the record - the Skua and the Duo can also be fitted with a rod holder -  so you can troll a lure and catch camp meat between pitches. This is quite a common modification to the standard, which you have to ask for - it is minimal cost. Many Duos and a few Skuas used for touring have rod holder fitted - normally on the starboard side because most people are right handed. Up to you though, just as easy to fit on the port side!!

I have 8 Marlins coming in this week - 5 were ordered up front and deposits paid before we had even built the mould!! Based on the paddling ease of the pelican - it is a Pelican made more angler aware.

I will be able to send Jim some on the water shots once they clear customs and I can get someone to brave the hurricane weather we are getting at the moment to go fishing with me!

The pictures he has are of my demo - in this container I am waiting for.

JIM - email me please, so I can email you pictures. Being such a genius with pictures and computers.........me? Noooo.

The new Dorado has been around for a while now - a year at least over here. It is quite simply the best big water fishing kayak anywhere - the Macski someone compared it too - the Macski is a rescue ski with rod holders and a lift up flap to get into the hull - but still very exposed and only a shallow seat well.

The Dorado seen side by side to the Macski is a totally different animal - you can paddle across the wind and turn it in the wind and throuh the wind for one thing! The Macski is difficult to turn in comparison - but not as bad as the barges like the Drifter, Big Game or X-Factor. See my "test" on the big fellas in Sardinia from last year.......very difficult would be the polite way to put it!!
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SpeciMan Offline

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Posted: July 15 2007,07:30

First On Water Marlin Images
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Nanuk Offline

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Posted: July 15 2007,10:18

Thanks again Specimen.

I should add to all you folks - this guy had never been in a kayak before and this water was his first day out - after a couple of hours on the calmer water. Conditions were 20 knots of wind against 4 knots of current over a known overfall area - you get a decent testing ground then. He coped well with the 10 footers and the odd 12 footer that broke. He was able to take this water on after just 2 hours in a kayak - and someone said that the Dorado and Pelican (or Marlin) were not rough water kayaks.....I was sat in this lot with my paddle across my lap just bobbing over each one taking the pictures.

Both kayaks can take an awful lot more than this yet. Paddling into a force 7 (by the time we came to come in the Coastguard had issued a gale warning and it wa already increased to close that) we just paddled into the wind without any trouble at all.
Oh - and the guy is 270lbs and 6' 4". So the little kayak is fine for big fellas too - you don't need a barge that wouldn't make headway into the wind and would be a liability in a big sea. :D
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kreidel Offline

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Posted: Jan. 17 2008,12:52

Did they add a rod holder in front of the console like the Dorado?
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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

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Posted: Jan. 21 2008,04:22

Nanuk, would you please tell the powers that be to please post the hydrodynamics and KAPER performance specs like they used to.  The gross numbers (length, width, weight) are not enough.

And another question I know you can answer.  I created a couple design lookalikes for the Marlin/Pelican and for the Dorado and according to the KAPER specs the Marlin has less wetted surface and requires about 7 or 8% less force at 3.5 to 4 knots.  Accordingly the Marlin is easier to paddle and a bit faster cruiser.

What's your on-the-water experience?


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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