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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

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Posted: Feb. 12 2007,12:19

And yet more kewl yak 'n rollers...

The Paddleboy Flyer (for bicycle power only):

The Trayak (site avail, in "double" mode):

And a true homebuilt that is said to be extremely strong AND stable. By Terry Cooper.  Is this beginning to whet your PVC 'n Duct Tape interests?

Bottom line:

This last design looks particularly promising for rollin yer own. For use behind a small car or motorcyle, I can see it with larger tires, perhaps a rudimentary suspension could be created, look for some junk motorcycle parts.  

What do you think?


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Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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critterdog Offline

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Posted: Feb. 12 2007,13:54

I made one for my bike .We used, when we camped at the K.O.A. in the Keys and it came in handy. Now they sold the place and they are building Condos.Not used it since.The Keys are a great place for it though

Went to the Swap Shop and found two front forks for bicycles and two 20'' rims and tires. Cost me 20 bucks .Used some uni-strut a welding machine and we were rollin.

 You can find bike forks with shocks if you look. You can find all kinds of junk at the Swap Shop.
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keleko Offline

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Posted: Feb. 13 2007,17:14

Quote (Capn Jimbo @ Feb. 12 2007,15:14)
This is a subject I love, as it's more than possible to roll yer own, to wit:

Bikesatwork (site available):


BicycleR Evolution (site available):



Neat, eh?  More to come...


definitely looks good for towing behind a pedal bike, but i'm fairly sure it'll fall apart at 75mph ;)

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phoneman Offline

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Posted: Feb. 13 2007,19:02

Jimbo, where did you find those at. I want to see the websight if you can post it. I have a nice beach cruiser I could use to tow my yak with when I go to the keys.

"The Green Machine Fishing Team"


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