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Posted: Jan. 11 2013,09:44

As you know my latest obsession is paddleboarding, and I was lucky enough to find a good NSP 11, all-arounder that is known to surf pretty well, especially for the likes of me.

Now although I own a very long authentic style, thin hand carved Eskimo double ended kayak paddle (which does work by the way), it became clear that I at least wanted to have a decent carbon fiber paddle.   But as you probably also know, good carbons can easily cost from $250 to take out a second mortgage!   So being the infamous cheepskate I am I went to my friend Craig and his list, and voila!   I find what is advertised as a new carbon paddle - by SUP ATX - in the low $100 range.   Was this possible?

So I printed out the ad, and headed down to Sunrise Paddleboards, which is located in Beach Place on AIA, south of Sunrise.   This is a particularly fun area of Fort Lauderdale, as it is simply thick with some of the most luscious bikini babes short of South Beach.   This alone, plus just simply being on the ocean is worth the trip.

Anyway, I park nearby at public parking (down the side street to the west), even though Beach Place has $3 parking - I told you I was cheap, walk over, eyeball the surf candy and up to the 2nd floor.    Sunrise Paddleboards sells all the SUP-ATX stuff - boards with paddles at some amazing prices, from under $800 to a bit over $1000.   Had I not found my mint NSP for $600, I'd have been a customer for more than a paddle.

Bottom line:

I buy the paddle, and it was a joy.   I know more than a little about design, and for the money, it can't be beat.   However, as is possible with any purchase, there was a defect, but a simple call to Brian, and the man made good.   A honest dealer, and well worth the plug.   Until then he had no idea that he was dealing with the world famous Capn Jimbo, lol...

The Shameless Plug

Sunrise Paddleboards
Beach Place
17 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd. #228
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
Tel: 954-900-4986
Email: contact@sunrisepaddleboards.com
Website: http://sunrisepaddleboards.com/supsite/




Activities offered:

Sunrise offers some pretty neat stuff:  tours of the multimillion dollar mansions on the Intracoastal, surf paddleboarding, paddleboard snorkeling and diving on the nearby reefs, yoga, night paddles, and the like.  I have even suggestee nude paddleboarding off of our famous north Haulover nude beach!  Seriously, and as a kayakfisher though, I think I might teach em a thing or two about this growing sport...

Bottom line:  good people, good prices, good surf candy and stand behind, er on their products.   Thanks, Brian...

Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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