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Posted: Feb. 06 2007,13:22

The FWC has posted a snook survey that was distributed at 5 recent statewide workshops that discussed upcoming changes to the current common snook regulations.

The link(s) for this survey and the power point presentation can be found one of two ways:
1) Go to DMFM (Division of marine fisheries managment) main page and look in the lower right-hand corner: http://myfwc.com/marine/
this link sends you straight to the survey.

2) Better option, but more difficult to get to: Go to DMFM Advisory Board and Workgroup page and go to the Snook Workshop on the far right: http://myfwc.com/marine/workgroups/index.html

Please participate in this survey. The draft rule process is not being heard until the April commission meeting and there is plenty of time to voice your opinion!
Posted elsewhere by FWC, Lisa O. "southernsnookgirl"

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Capn Jimbo Offline
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Posted: Feb. 06 2007,18:11

First, my sincere thanks to Krash for taking the time and effort to post this info.  Thank you Krash!

Now in the interest of making it EASY for you quickly take this survey, here is a summary of the key points.  Please read the following (as the survey will ask if you did), then go to the link below to complete the survey...

Current Law


(1) It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to kill, harvest or possess any snook that measures less than 26 inches or greater than 34 inches in total length.

(2) All snook harvested from Florida waters shall be landed in a whole condition. The possession, while on state waters, of snook that have been deheaded, sliced, divided, filleted, ground, skinned, scaled, or deboned is prohibited. Mere evisceration or “gutting” of snook, or mere removal of gills from snook, before landing is not prohibited. Preparation of snook for immediate consumption on board the vessel from which the fish were caught is not prohibited.

(3) In all state waters of the Atlantic Ocean north and east of the Dade-Monroe County Line, except in waters of Everglades National Park, no person, firm or corporation shall kill or harvest more than two snook per day during the open season, nor possess more than two snook at any time during the open season.

(4) In all state waters of the Atlantic Ocean south and west of the Dade-Monroe County Line, in all state waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and in waters of Everglades National Park, no person, firm, or corporation shall kill or harvest more thanone snook per day during the open season, nor possess more than one snook at any time during the open season.

(5) The taking or attempted taking of snook within or without state waters is prohibited except by use of hook and line gear. For purposes of this chapter, the phrase “hook and line gear” includes any rod and reel or any pole to which such hook and line are attached, as well as any bob, float, weight, lure, plug, spoon and/or standard bait attached thereto.

However, the harvest of snook within or without state waters by or with the use of any treble hook in conjunction with live or dead natural bait is prohibited.

(6) Closed Season: Statewide, during the period beginning December 15 of each year and continuing through January 31 of the following year.

Now, here are some of the point reached by the committee:


Snook Consensus Statements

Member comments
1. Habitat needs to be considered.
2. Continue to try for 40% by 2017
3. Goal setting may be unrealistic; what message are you sending to public, you need more regulation and then there will be too much regulation. Can we really attain this goal?
4. As long as population of snook is increasing should we have this goal; we never achieve this anyway.
5. 40% is sociological and it is likely not an obtainable goal.
6. All percentages more than 35% are good
a. Maybe the 40% is a goal and we should specify a threshold less than 40%
7. We need a range rather than a specific number
8. Average angler should have a reasonable expectation of catching a fish; we need a balance (example: 35-40%)
9. This is a philosophical goal, not a biological goal that would be needed to sustain the fishery
10. 40% is a guideline to improve the fishery. But we can still go below the 40% goal if we are moving toward the goal.
11. Ask the Commission to recognize that the 40% is a guideline.
12. We need to worry about the folks that are not in this room; different demographic of user; the average fisher is not represented at this table
13. RE: habitat: we must make sure that habitat can support the fish; how many snook can a specific area of habit support? We need to determine this. 40% might not be attainable with the current habitat loss
14. Habitat is the real importance.
15. The different coasts are different re: snook species
16. You must consider that human population is increasing and affecting
fish populations.
17. Data is already more than 2 years old. In 3 years the FWC is going to reassess this issue.
18. If we keep this SPR, it helps for preserving habitat.
19. This is all about tradeoffs.
20. We need a goal to shoot for; without a goal of some sort we are just floundering around.
21. Some fish populations are down and not because of habitat loss.
22. The science shows we can reach 40%; it is a matter of whether we
like the slot or bag limits.
23. East coast has too much pressure, we need a goal to try to achieve.
24. We need a measurable biological goal. For snook, we are giving a more protective standard
25. What about the seasons? You may want to close a month and then get a larger slot size. Biggest issue is slot size; we are not too far away with some adjustments.
26. Look at the West coast; the reduction of fish is due to fishing pressure not habitat. We need a goal.
27. Mechanisms of getting to the goal are political; how do we get there
that is acceptable to the folks in Florida.
28. We may need to regulate the Atlantic and Gulf sides differently.
29. I don’t like the idea of threshold concept; just stick with a number for the SPR
30. The current numbers are based on a sociological basis; “we want more fish or larger fish”
31. We need to know the threshold number- the number below which the fish population would collapse
33. You don’t want to experiment with the biological limits- too
dangerous to the fish population.
34. Nothing wrong with the goal of 40% as long as everyone understands that it is a sociological goal not a biological goal. Right now we are actually at 25% and the fish population is increasing.
35. If we always have a goal we cannot obtain, the message to the public is bad; it deflates support for the goal. Will be difficult to get the general public behind us. We will lose support.
36. Go with a threshold and target.
37. FWC should follow their mandate to protect habitat. We need habitat and restoration and protection. We need research on habitat.
38. A “goal” is just something you work toward, and the Commission voted to keep the SPR at 40% up until now.
39. Education will help with this concept.
40. We should not be afraid to be strict enough. You need to clamp down on fishing mortality.
41. Concern in lower East coast that no matter what you do you aren’t going to better fishing there.
42. Habitat is a separate issue; it should be discussed in a later section and we should take a very strong stance on habitat.
43. Separate stock enhancement, habitat restoration and SPR, have them all.
44. Worried about the public relations implications; how would putting a threshold in change the perception that we are doing ok. I don’t want the public to think we are doing ok.
45. I am opposed to a threshold and a lower number. That is all that anyone will look at. It will drive management down if you set a lower number.

Here are the key points as I see them...

1.  The goal of 40% SPR is purely "sociological", as they put it, and not related to what is or is not healthy for the population.  One member stated even at 25%, we are experiencing growth.

2.  The members noted that valid research is needed; further, that the current data is dated (2 yrs old); further that it will be 3 years before the FWC will reasses this issue.  There does not appear to be any emergency and clearly a need for good data.

The commission is shooting from the hip.

3.  Most members agree that habitat (area) varies and must be addressed but it has not.  Another scientific need.

Bottom line

Seems their proposals, to limit/curtail snook season, limits, sizes are premature.  Accordingly it is my recommendation that you take the survey as follows if you choose:

1. Indicate that you spend plenty of time on the water.

2.  When you get to the section of recommended season/limits/sizes, check "other" and insert a comment "Making any changes based on sociological reasons is foolish.  Let's get some valid scientific data re real growth and habitat first!".

3.  Do this for both east and west coast.

4.  Do you belong to an organization: Ft Lauderdale Yakfishing Club, shows organization and voting power.

Your participation will help keep this decision based on reality and science rather than political expendiency...


Direct Link to Snook Survey - PLEASE PARTICIPATE!

Edited by Capn Jimbo on Feb. 06 2007,18:13

Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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critterdog Offline

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Posted: Feb. 03 2013,12:36

Big Snook around Chokoloskee this time of year.28" last weekend and 3 in the mid 30's around this time last year.Close as you can get to the oysters.
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