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Landshark Offline

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Joined: July 2005
Posted: Aug. 03 2005,18:12

FWIW, I also frequent a cycling website. www.bikejournal.com. Made primarily for logging miles but has grown exponentially in the last year and a half. It too is a labor of love. What the webmaster there did was add a "premier" status at a charge of $10 a year to offset his costs. Purely voluntary. What that got you was things that don't necessarily apply here. Different graphs and charts and stuff. And only new added features were premier. All the old functionality is still free.
I am more of a "lurker/taker" here as I am completely new to the sport. Actually, the term 'taker' kinda hurts (whaaaaa).
I'd be willing to pony up $10 if it got me 'secret' info on good spots etc. But I would guess that all it takes is an extra 10 people to turn a good spot into an overfished hole.
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chefmik Offline

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Posted: Aug. 03 2005,20:17

I used to frequent the Paddlezone site and they locked you out of certain threads...I guess thats a good idea about honey holes...but you shouldnt be talking about your favorite spots to the world anyway!!!!
I dont go to that website anymore.

Chef Mike
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fishunter1 Offline

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Posted: Aug. 04 2005,14:53

Hey! I'd stop lurking if someone gave me some hotspots... :) !

Well, what's to stop someone posting for a while, getting the passwords and the goods then relapse to lurking?

I realise that this is irksome when you put a ton of time and effort in and would like to see beneficiaries contribute at some point, instead of just beneficiary-ing. But I really like the approach you have now-- making rapier comments about lurkers. They're hilarious (mostly :p ) and they provide a nudge in the right direction. Just enough to encourage people that we are really nice and not like that aspersion-casting ScupperProFrank fellow would make out that we aren't.. :;):

I am a bit of a lurker these days, since I am still out of work, broke and job hunting. Reading about your adventures gives
succour and pain. GReat to read, but sad that I cant go out more or do more trips like Capt. Wrights and so on.

Hey Critter! Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them.
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Neptune4 Offline

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Posted: Aug. 04 2005,17:59

Chef, I had the same experience with the Paddlezone. As for GPS numbers, honeyholes-I would like to quote Capt. Bob Jaspers, from the NMZ. "Just take your time, do your homework, be patient, and you will find those spots yourself>" :;):
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valfitzandrew Offline

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Posted: Aug. 13 2005,06:12

Good Day to you All,

It's easy to be a lurker when you are a newbe to the sport or just a wannabe. This is a great place to get INFO/DATA on all manner of specialty items such as Kayaks. Locked out specialty places? I don't know if its a good idea. Just the idea of shareing personal info over the net is anathma to lots of folks. Those of you who participate  overtly are VERY much appreciated by me.


When I have more to say and a yak to brag about you will read more from me!  :cool:

Boy is it hot here on the Northern Neck!
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