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chefmik Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 274
Joined: Jan. 2004
Posted: Jan. 06 2005,09:39

Capn......It would be good to have a forum topic that will show pics of members and there personal fishing craft...crafts.
Like in your website that many people dont even realize its there.
Could set it up where members can send you updated pics of them in their kayaks and have them give a brief description of their kayak and how they have it rigged up. Plus a little personal fishing bio about them....and what kind of tackle they are using..etc...etc.
Every time I go out I see a new kayak fisherman and wonder who it is and are they a member.
How about it?

Chef Mike
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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

Group: Super Administrators
Posts: 1712
Joined: Jan. 2004
Posted: Jan. 06 2005,15:58

Chef... good idea, sort of.  After all it's me who has to find the time to do it.  But I remain your faithful servant, of course.  Ask, and you shall, uh, here a string of invective...

Seriously, I'd been thinkin bout this one, musta been mental telepathy.  

And since you posted the idea...I think you should be first...


Wanta see ALL the new posts... just click on "New Posts" top of most pages.  With the red heads you'd have missed three posts just today.

Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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chefmik Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 274
Joined: Jan. 2004
Posted: Jan. 08 2005,03:42

Chef my mission is to ensure you stay busy at all times! :O

my Profile: Mike...alias: Chefmik
Home: Fort Lauderdale
Kayaks: Kaskazi Pelican
          Kaskazi Skua
          Current Designs Sirocco
Paddles: Werner Camano 230cm
           Set Blade 220cm
Tackle : Hurricane Calico Jack med 7ft with a Stradic 5000 20#powerpro....30#leader
           St.Croix 7ft med with a Stradic 4000...20#powerpro...30# leader
Favorite lures: red/white skitterwalk...my comfort plug! Zara spooks, storm, papa dog, skitterpops.
Exudes....assorted colors shad pattern.
gold spoons, jigs assorted.
Fly rods....8, 10, 12 wts....too much to list!
Favorite Species: Tarpon!!  the best....Bonefish, Reds, Barracuda, Snook.
Favorite Areas: Key Largo, west coast...Rookery bay, Mosquito lagoon, Enp, ICW.

Capn...post pics here   :p

Capn's Note:  Whaddya mean post your pic here?  That IS your pic...hehe

Chef Mike
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perception dude Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 50
Joined: May 2004
Posted: Jan. 10 2005,13:57

Kayaks: Perception Prsim, WS Ride
Paddles: Seaclude, and a white one(paddles came w/the yaks I ain't too picky)
Tackle:Stradic 4000 matched to a Temple Fork 3 piece w/8 pound ande backcountry blue
Stradic 2000 w/Biscayne 4/6 and 6 pound vanish flouro
Sedona 4000 matched w/an Ugly Stik Light and 8 pound ande backcountry
White River Classic Fly Rod/reel combo 8 WT w/ WF white river floating line
Penn Prion 2400 needs a rod

Favorite Lures: Bass Assasin-Red Shad
Gotcha orange jigheads w/rootbeer/chartruse tails
Zara spook in black and silver
Seaducer in chart/white

Favorite Species: Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, I would say bonefish, but I haven't landed one yet

Favorite Areas: North Bay at night, and for trout during the day, South Bay for bones, Flamingo, Choko, Pine Island Sound, west coast beaches

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critterdog Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 216
Joined: Dec. 2004
Posted: Jan. 10 2005,14:40

kayaks:ok Drifter,Ok Malibu Two
paddles:Top of the line black plastic ones that they give you, and
 two that someone gave me for christmas that weigh 5lbs each
rods:one zebco (SPoungeBob edition)and 1 (purple Barney)
 g-loomis 8ft w/amb 5500 home made 1custom star w/penn reel
tackle:what ever came with the combos
favorite fish:tarpon or anything sponge bob can handle
favorite areas:anywhere I can,up for suggestions

Capn's note: fixed up yer post Craig, hope this is better...

Edited by Capn Jimbo on Jan. 10 2005,16:21
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RalphL Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 57
Joined: May 2004
Posted: Jan. 11 2005,06:38

Name:Ralph Lindsay (alias RalphL, quite original, huh?)
Kayaks: Ocean Prowler, Ocean Scrambler
Paddles: 1 Bending Branches Kevlar, 2 Pacific Designs , 1 heavy-like-a-brick one that came with the Scrambler.
Tackle: Daiwa SS1300/Powerpro 10#/7'8" Aquarius Rods Custom Fisher Graphite, Penn 5500/Spiderwire 15#/Star 7', Shimano Bantam/Powerpro 20#/7'8" Aquarius Rods Custom Fisher Graphite,Daiwa Black Gold/Powerpro 25#/ 7'8" Aquarius Rods Custom Fisher Graphite plus lots of bigger stuff for offshore.
Favorite Baits: Anything live (Pilchards, Mullet, Shrimp, Sand Fleas)
Favorite Lures Current:  Storm Shad Wildeye, Exudes  
Classic favorites: large Bombers in absurdly bright colors for Snook, Zoom worms for Bass, Red & White Bucktails for almost any species.
Favorite Species: Snook tops my list, but anything that swims, really.

Favorite Areas (SE Fla): The canals of Ft.Lauderdale, Boca, Deerfield and points north for Snook, Bass and Tarpon, North Bay area for trout, area south of Caesar Creek in KBNP for snapper, permit, bonefish, area east of Elliot Key for Wahoo, Dolphin and Cobia.  

Favorite areas (elsewhere): Ft. Meyers area: Lovers Key State Rec for trout, mackeral and redfish, Sanibel/Captiva beaches and passes for Snook. Cocoa Beach area: Cape Canaveral bight for Snook, Banana River, Indian River for Trout and Reds. Keys: Long Key area for Shark, Cero Macks, Snapper, Grouper and Bugs.

For those who like pictures, there is one of me in Cap'n Jimbo's writeup of the recent John U. Lloyd mini-yakin, posted at:http://www.ftlauderdaleyakfishingclub.org/trips.html
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krash Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 275
Joined: Jan. 2005
Posted: Jan. 11 2005,17:51

Kayak: Mainstream Renegade, (garage sale)
Paddle: Frined gave me a nice Harmony, not that particular price was right and it works.
Tackle:To much to list, Shimano Sahara 4000's, Penn 550ss, FinNor Ahab, .... Sling, Tickle stick and net

Favorite Lures: New to inshore no fav here, Freshwater Worms, Worms Worms, a topwater special, and Rapala's

Favorite Species: Bass, Peacock, Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Hog snapper and Lobster.

Favorite Areas: Any Canal or Lake I can launch in without the car being towed, points unknown.

SW, Live to Fish, Have Tackle will travel ... >,)))~> ~~~~
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super_fly Offline
Moderator - Flyfishin

Group: Members
Posts: 378
Joined: Jan. 2004
Posted: Jan. 11 2005,20:52

Name: Ken
Alias: Super_fly
Home: Lighthouse Point
The Fleet: OK Drifter (kayak)
              Perception Swing (kayak)
              Mad River Adventure 16 (canoe)
              Gheenoe Highsider (gheenoe)
Paddles: Aquabound Seaclude 240cm
           Aquabound Seaquel 240 cm
Tackle : Spin - Ugly Stik Lite Inshore M66/Sahara 4000
           Spin - Shimano Carbomax M7/Sahara 4000
           Fly - SA 8/9 9ft/SA concept2 79LA
           More that I don't yak with
Favorite lures: Storm wildeys; jigs I tie myself; backbone jigs; DOA terroreyz; Mirrolure top dog
Favorite flies: Clousers; lefty's critter
Favorite Species: something that swims
Favorite Areas: Titusville down to the keys over and up to Ft. Myers

Here's the pic (remember the camera adds 10lbs and the internet adds a few more...)

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randrums Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 70
Joined: July 2004
Posted: Feb. 27 2005,10:34

*Name: Randy
*Yaks:  1) OK Scupper Pro TW w/ milkcrate set up
        2) OK Scupper Pro 2 hatch for sailing/camping
        3)Current Designs Sirroco (SINK) for distance - that I hope to make fishable soon!
*Paddles: Several, but my "go to" is an Aquabound Expedition AMT Carbonfibre 220cm
*Location: Lower Keys/Key West
*Day Gig: Yak/Eco Tour Guide
*Tackle: All Spinners
          1)Diawa Laguna 4000 on a light 6.5' Cortland
             rod w/changeable spools - 10# or 12#
          2)Shimano 4000FA on a Penn Gator Tail 2 piece -cheap rod but functional and stows easy 10#
          3)Diawa BG20 on a 7' med. light Cortland rod 15#
          4)Diawa BG60 on a 7' med Cortland rod 20#
*Stuff: Berkley Lip Grip, net, 3lb grappling anchor w/either 50' or 100' of line, milk crate with mutiple rod holders for trolling and to fish different sides of the boat, live bait bucket, small hard cooler in crate for frozen bait, soft freezer bag in hatch for catch, tool pouch, paddle leash, bowline, compass, charts and safety gear.

*Favorite Lures: (not my strong suit, us Lower Keys guys are big on bait) weedless Spoons, shrimp jigs with plastic tails, bonefish jigs, 3/8 oz leadheads w/skirts.
*Fav Live Baits: SHRIMP!, Pinfish
*Fav Frozen Baits: Mullet, Ballyhoo, Cuda!.
*Fav Species to catch: (not necessarily in order) Mackerel, Mutton Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Amberjack, Grouper!, Shark, Tarpon. Still looking for my first Bone and first Permit, darnit.
*Fav Areas: Lower Keys - Cudjoe, Sugarloaf, Bahia Honda, Saddlebunch Keys.

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smartcastpete Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 27
Joined: Dec. 2004
Posted: Feb. 28 2005,17:48

My profile;    Peter Hinck- smartcastpete
Home;          Royal Palm Beach
Kayaks;        Heritage fisherman pro 17 and fisherman 14
Paddles;       Seven2 Airidium, Cannon Wave
Tackle;    Ugly stick lite rods, many reels, 5 and 8 wt. fly rods
Favorite lure;    DOA C.A.L with a barbless circle hook.
Fish finder;     Matrix 67, GPS fish system with built in charts
Favorite species;   Bass, snook, trout, red, tarpon.
Favoite areas;    anywhere there is water.

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