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Posted: Aug. 05 2007,04:30

How 'bout a new section just for fish or general yakkin' pix? I know a lot of us switch to photography when things are slow and I don't see a dedicated spot for it here. A couple of the other forums have a deal like that ... not that those forums could touch this one with a 6' 6" pole.

Just a suggestion.

Never get out of the boat.
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Posted: Sep. 10 2007,13:30

Due to the overwhelming lack of inerest on this suggestion from our moderators I now feel empowered to post pix and vids anywhere I please.

This is just as well. Who needs to be hemmed in anyway? That's a rhetorical question .. no need for a response.

Never get out of the boat.
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critterdog Offline

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Posted: Sep. 10 2007,14:02

I have pictures of fish, and general yaking pixs
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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

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Posted: Sep. 10 2007,18:59

It's easy enough to add a new section just for pics - but you'd still have to be able to link em (though I don't mind storing a few for you - esp. if you buy me a beer sometime...).

Is this what you have in mind?


Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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Posted: Sep. 11 2007,03:29

a beer? .. certainly. [_]D .... cheers.

I was thinking maybe just a section to post cool pix .. the way the sections are set up here I sometimes find it confusing on where to put stuff ... see? .. critter has some nice fish pix .. he sent me a couple .. but there's no real place to just dump em without having to think ... and as we all know, thinking is bad for you.

Link 'em, store 'em .... it's up to you mon capitan ... just a place .... if there's no activity you can always disappear it.

Ready for another? .. [_]D ... good and frosty huh?

() Lime wedge? .. or are you a "don't fruit the beer" guy?

Anyway, nice to hear form you ...

Never get out of the boat.
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