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Capn Jimbo Offline
The Godfisher

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Posted: Dec. 20 2008,05:49

It wasn't enough to establish the Florida section at KFS...

It wasn't enough to create an intelligent alternative...

It wasn't enough to publish Yak Design 101...

It wasn't enough to identify the Top Ten Kayaking Myths...

It wasn't enough to help bring the Scupper Pro back...

It wasn't enough to create the Superyak category...

It wasn't enough to promote the Dorado and Skua (now used by leading simians)...

It wasn't enough to create the Kayak Hall of Fame and interview
Dennis Spike and the amazing Kayak Willie...

It wasn't enough to deconstruct the Hobie Myth and their flip-flopper drive...

It wasn't enough to identify the growing threat of the Cult of Monkeys...

It wasn't enough to promote and review the first Disco in America...

And, it wasn't enough to ride and review the first Midway - a true Dorado killer - in America (LINK).

Nope.  The Capn is feeling festive.  And in a spirit of love and forgiveness - and a true love for animals - brings you the first Havabanana Sale!  Let our slogan be "Don't throw a bone at that monkey, throw a bone TO that monkey!"

. . . Monkey Madness! The Havanbanana Sale!

Yup, a fine idea.  And just what is the Havabanana Sale.  Simple.  But a little background first.  I know the Midway is the kayak of the hour.  No it's not a Disco - but - it is the kind of fast, higher volume design that our larger red assed furry friends will simply love.  A Dorado killer, especially at just $899.

But herein lies the problem.  There's another Republican depression looming, and even the monkeys are hoarding their bananas.  Not to mention there are but three Midways in the entire continental United States.  No retailer in his right mind - having such a high demand, super hot product - would ever offer a discount, even in a recession!  No way.

And that includes our good friend, Kayak Jeff.  But the Jeffster loves and respects the Capn.  I came to him, Bowler in hand, and said:

"Please listen to me, my dear friend.  I know you have the only three of these Dorado killers in the US.  I know you could probably even sell them at a premium. I know you, more than anyone, know what the Midway represents.  But out of respect for moi, and the FLYC Forum in Paradise, I'd like you to work with me.

I'd like you to make available and honor the first Capn Jimbo Havabanana Sale..."

And dang if he didn't.  My man.  So here's how it works.  Any monkey, or humanoid for that matter, who drops into Kayak Jeff's and says the magic words: "I love Capn Jimbo and I'm here for his Havabanana Sale" will get:

1.  A cash discount.  The only cash discount being offered on any Midway in America.

2.  A large bunch of certified, simian-safe Dole bananas.  Lusciously ripe and fresh - and - the perfect size to be bungied securely to the amazing Midway's Knee Tree.  Perfect for a midday, Midway, monkey munch.

3. A hard-to-find Capn Jimbo Kayak Sticker honoring his monkey pals!!  A special treat and a true collector's item!

How bout dat!  Yet another Capn Jimbo innovation, and holiday gift to my furry friends... Happy Holidays you cute lil fur balls!

. . . . . . .Havabanana!

Tight lines,
Capn Jimbo

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