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Posted by: Capn Jimbo on Mar. 29 2006,16:46

< Link to, uh, the FLYC "Frapper" (er, Frappr)! >

Frappr?!  What's that?  I have no clue how they got the idea, but here's yet another super neat way for us to identify and maybe hook up with one another.  It's a "Friends Mapper" and shows the actual locations (and pics) of members on a map of Florida.

Wanta find someone to yak with in Palm Beach?  Check the FLYC Frappr!

Let's consider this a beta idea and try it.  It's simple - go to the  FLYC page at Frappr (linked above), then just add your e-name, email and zipcode (and a pic if you'd like) and...

Voila!  You're on the map.  Kewl, eh!


ps... your comments are welcome.  Actually Frappr stands for "friends mapper", developed by Brain, Kun and James - the three propeller heads who formed a funky company named "Rising Concepts" and developed an idea to keep track of their college friends.  


Posted by: Capn Jimbo on April 02 2006,04:52

Update: nine members have already mapped themselves, with some great pics.  I was not aware that Saddam Hussein was into yakfishin, lol...

If ya haven't been to the Frappr, take a minute to check it out, think it's gonna be a good thing.  Link above...


ps... when your at the Frappr, you'll find markers for each mapped member, plus a box listing all of them (to the right).  Click on a name in the box and the details about that member will pop up.  You can then send a messege to him/her, or view the profile.

Posted by: Capn Jimbo on April 07 2006,18:00

There are now 20 mapped members, including Jane and Cheryl! Plus one location (thanks to none other than Scupper Frank, thank you).  Pretty kewl.  

What's great about the Frappr is not only seeing a nice visual (the map with member markers and the moving photos) but also a list of all members in a box to the right.  All show name and location.

If you click on any member's marker, or on his/her name you get a kewl popup that shows the members pic and links to their profile, also to send them a PM (they will be notified).

This is truly the ultimate yakfishing buddy system.  Very neat.


If you haven't been there, now is the time, link above in the first post (also linked below)...

Posted by: paddling empress on April 08 2006,11:31


The frappr is really neat! Everyone join on!
Thanks Cap'n Jimbo for setting it up. I'll be posting a pic of my first fish (when I get one!)


Posted by: Capn Jimbo on June 07 2006,14:27

Bump... and the FLYC Interactive Member Mapper is up to 34 mapped members.   If you haven't checked this amazing new tool already, the Frappr (friend's mapper) is one of the kewlest things to glide down the channel in some time.

Members' markers appear on a map of Florida, and their names on a member's list.  Clicking on either pops up their details and a way to PM them!  Not to mention each member can post their pic(s) and send mail to any or all.

There is no better way to find and meet other yakfishers.  Honest...

(link to Member Map below)

Posted by: FlatulentTuna on April 09 2007,15:08

OK Im what???
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