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Posted by: Capn Jimbo on July 03 2004,15:30

Hi all and help.

I have Uniden Handheld VHF.  Lost the charger so got another one from Uniden. Now I discover I don't have the adaptor.  And Uniden may not have what I need.

Now I do see that Uniden has a 12v, 200ma adaptor which appears to be common to a number of their handhelds.  I have an adaptor that is 12v, 500ma.  The charging unit is one that is designed to not overcharge.

Here are my questions:

1.  Do you think this charging unit limits the charge rate as well as the total charge?
2.  Or if I use the 500ma adaptor will the charge be a lot faster; if so is this a problem?



Posted by: blindhog on July 03 2004,19:22

The 500ma unit will charge at that specific rate.The built in circuit in the charger will act as an auto shut off when the battery is fully charged.The difference in charging rates between the two  is really not that great and I dont think it will harm the battery/radio, but I can't say for sure.Is there anything labeled on the unit or battery that gives a hint as to a possble max.charge rate?Also is the polarization on the two adaptors the same?

Just my .02 cents(or less)


Posted by: Capn Jimbo on July 04 2004,09:25

Dave, thanks for the input.  As luck would have it I found the old adaptor which was only 100ma, and my radio is back on the charge.

Thanks again for gettin back!


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