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Posted by: Capn Jimbo on Feb. 02 2004,04:04

Coupla tips:

1.  "New Posts" link on top of page.  This is absolutely the best way to review all the new posts, all at once, all on one page.  The red tophat shows only the latest post in that section, but does not show all new posts.  If you don't use "New Posts" you will miss things.

2.  Forums:  when you go into any forum section, at the bottom you can set how far back you want to see the topics.  Good idea to choose "from the beginning" for now.  At the bottom of each section, and also at the bottom of each topic you can choose to "track" that section or topic (you'll be notified of any activity)

3.  Pics can now be posted in most forums, there is a reasonable size limit.  When posting just click on the "Image" button and enter the link to the pic.

4.  Same for links to other webpages, click on the "http://" button and enter the link, give it a name.

5.  Last, please please double-space between paragraphs (but not between lines) for readability.  Nothin worse than a long post without spaces.  Don't double-space between lines.


Posted by: chefmik on Feb. 02 2004,18:56 about a step by step on how to post pics!!!
pleassee.  :O

Posted by: Capn Jimbo on Feb. 02 2004,19:33

Mike, I know you're not gonna like this but here's how.  Go to:

< Pbase >, or < Bravenet Photo Center >

Set up an account and you can store photos for free.  Pbase has a short trial period (30 days, but a 200 meg account is only $23 and will hold all the pics you'd ever want to save).  Brave Net is free.  Upload and store your photo there.  Make sure your photo is 75K or less.

To use the photo in a reply:

Pbase: simply click on the "Image" button, and copy and paste the address of your photo (which you can have open in another window).  The pic will show on the post.

Bravenet: click on the "Http://" button, copy and paste the address, then give the photo a title, e.g. "Big Cuda".  The pic won't show but the title will and is a link to the pic.

That's it.  Now Mike, I know you have a low tolerance for such fussy detail.   So I will make an open offer to all who read this.  If ya have a photo, just email it to me and let me know what post you want me to put it in.

As Godfisher, I'll simply insert it for ya.  Now what could be easier than that!


Posted by: RDS on May 16 2004,16:40

One quick tip on new forum members trying to register- make sure all the fields have something in them. Even if you have no interests, put "none", so your registration will go through correctly.

R Spitzer

Posted by: Capn Jimbo on June 26 2004,04:38

Please see original post, above at the top for the latest advice.  

Use the "New Posts" link whenever you use the forum.  The Red Tophat does NOT show all new posts, just the latest post in that section.

If you do not use "New Posts" you will miss lots of new things.


Posted by: Tanner on June 26 2004,05:08

Where are we at with posting pics?

Posted by: Capn Jimbo on June 26 2004,06:27

Same as before, see above.  You have to upload your pics to the net somewhere, then use the "image" button to link them.  A little messy but not all that bad.

It's one of the little issues with this BB but it all balances out with some of the other great features (like seeing who is online, the calendar, PM's, etc.)


Posted by: hyperwarp on June 26 2004,09:59

Thanks for the pix trix how-to, Cap'....will be wanton(!) 2 post
some riggin'pix soon...

Got the stuff 2 start fish riggin' the WB202 (pedal boat) but been 2 b/z to actually start cuttin'n'drillin'

'N will be milk cratin'/coolerizing the new (used) SPT/W in a week or so after I learn how to drive it half-way decent

BTW - u milk crate or pina-cooler-ada
yer SPT/W for fishin" or sumtin' else entirely ???

Frank how bout U??

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