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Posted by: Capn Jimbo on Nov. 30 2007,04:54

Time to review the rules...

The Forum in Paradise has now been in existence and for four years.  It has steadily grown and currently serves about 2500 different kayakers each month, gets about 150,000 monthly hits.  Unlike KFS, there have always been a few simple rules.  And unlike KFS, the rules are rarely broken and/or need enforcement.  This Forum seems to attract mostly intelligent, humorous and thoughtful people that don't need much moderation. To wit:

In the entire history of this forum I've banned just two people out of the more than 300 members here:

One for personal attacks on another member.
Another for what became incessant argumentativeness.

And in that same period I have deleted only three posts out of 7600:

One for repeated argumentativeness.
One for foul language.
And now one for a personal attack.

A surprising personal attack was posted,  was almost immediately reported by several offended members and was promptly removed by me. I apologize to all who were offended, not least Sue Sea.  The poster was contacted privately and gently warned, but remained unrepetent and responded  negatively.  Too bad.  Like tellin the boss to screw off, not a good idea, lol.  Still because this was a first warning, the poster was allowed to remain.  

No farting at my house!

At the end of the day, it's my forum - I put in TONS of work and time, and I really have little patience with those very, very few who may abuse the system.  I open sections when suggested and appropriate, and close em if they are unused.  I get hundreds of emails, try to answer them all.  Love to help newbies, even demo my own kayaks on my own time to help them.  I set the tone, write the very simple rules and interpret them.  I'd love to please everyone but I can't and that was the case here. Someone has to be in charge and it's me.  You get me as I am - with imperfections, inconsistencies and human foibles - the whole package.  Ya gotta like it or leave it.  It's the best I can do, and that's the way it is.  

That's it.  The rules are simple and common sense.  Respectful disagreement and alternate points of view are more than welcome.  Argumentativeness, personal attacks and foul language are not.  Got something personal?  Use the PM's.  Attack ideas, attack designs, attack philosophies - that's fine - you can attack just about anything.  But you can't attack a person.  It's that simple. Period.

You got a problem wi dat?  Fugedaboutdit!

Posted by: krash on Nov. 30 2007,12:30

Not sure what the issues are, hope its not me thats banned. I hold nothing against anyone, although jokingly I do sometimes post comments that could be taken negatively by some.
I fully understand your logic about site moderation.

I been hanging around these parts for several months, and the site may get 150000 hits and have 2500 members, but in reality there is only a small number of posters. It seems many people sign-up, peruse, post a few weeks or months, then fall off the face of the earth.

You recently posted up stats from another, unmentionable, site.. with some specific numbers, like post per person per day, month, year vs. overall post for the site and hits.
What do those stats look like for this site ?

And whens the group picnic ?

Posted by: Capn Jimbo on Nov. 30 2007,15:59

Krash - nope, not you at all.  I'm not the type to ban or eliminate anyone without giving them private and fair warning, and givin em another chance or two.   And that is true here.

The stats would tend you agree with you - there are fewer posters but a ton of lurkers and readers who visit very regularly and spend a lot of time searching and finding the information they need.  

That's fine with me.  The numbers are consistent and continue to grow slowly.  All I can do is provide the Forum, post current and interesting information and news, and provide services that no other kayakfishing site offers, eg:

1.  Yak Chat
2.  Ability for posters to post and calendar their own events and fishing outings.
3.  Minimal but effective moderation.

And we have everything most forums offer, like PM's, Member E-mail, good search tool, site maps, etc.  So that's it - the Forum in Paradise survives and prospers and does what it does best:

To provide an intelligent and informative resource for all, but especially newbies - for reliable, honest and non-commercial coverage that busts myths and gives all the tools, data and considerations enough to reach their own conclusions....

That said, have a Guinness!


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