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Posted by: krash on Jan. 30 2008,10:54

Wondering if its just me or have others experienced a strange phenom on the site.

Recently I posted a couple of new threads that seem to hang out a few days or weeks, then just disappear.

I peruse this site daily, some days many times, its been very slow around here for the last several months. I don't have a lot of in depth technical knowledge to add about yak design, paddling techniques, don't know how to spell, but I do know about fishing, and a lot of technical stuff about the computers and the internet. I post what I see as useful and helpful to others when I can, and many times an invite to join myself or others on the water.

Posted by: critterdog on Feb. 01 2008,18:41

Sorry you can't go this weekend  , Krash .I think a few are going to show up .Lots of fish prospects in biscane ntl park specialy at convoy.

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